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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


ehehehe...Don't start, you guys! I've been super duper busy! I had a huge project to work on in english, and when I turned it in, the damn teacher failed it! Said that it needed to be more "proper". How the hell do you make something fucking PROPER!!?!?! But it's her damn fault I couldn't UPDATE!!!!! *RAWR*


I'm calm now. I've recently got into the (disbanded) band Do As Infinity. I went onto Itunes and bought all of their stuff. BUT! Itunes does NOT have Shinjitsu no Uta and Fukari Mori! IT SUCKS!!! (Oh, and in case you've been sleeping under a rock like I have, Shinjitsu no Uta and Fukari Mori are two ending themes to Inuyasha. But who the hell wouldn't know that? Maybe a newbie...)


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