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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/30/04:
What?!?! I was a ruler! Not a servent? Oh well, there's always this life time!!! *goes off plotting*

Result Posted on 10/27/04:
Wow, I didn't know that I was labeled Parental Control


From Go-Quiz.com

Result Posted on 10/26/04:
Hehe...I'm a grim reaper! Yes!

Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character Are You?

Result Posted on 09/27/04:

Take the "You're Senshi Who" Quiz at Wishing Moon.

Result Posted on 09/19/04:
Hehe...I'm funny?

Take the quiz: "What type of attitude problem do you have? (pics)"

Your Funny
You mean to make the people around you laugh, you probably dont even mean what you say. But if it gets a reaction then you'll say it. Here's a comment for you to try...

Result Posted on 09/19/04:
Pan! She's awsome

~PAN~ You are Pan from DBZ. Pan is my favorite
saiyan girl, only because she cute, strong,
fights, and has a cool style. She's very big on
not lisioning and causing trouble, she dose
boss people around, but she worries ya no. The
only thing I hate about her is she like her
best friend Trunks, who's like 14 years older
then her, and he is my fav guy.

Wha anime brat are you? NEW!!
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Result Posted on 09/19/04:
Interesting. I don't know this character

~Hakudoushi~ First appearing as a baby, Hakudoushi has the
ability to read other people's hearts and
control them. Being cut in two apparently
doesn't bother him much, since one half of him
transforms into a young boy, who then proceeds
to release a horse youkai called Entei. His
main purpose seems to be locating the last
Shikon no kakera. The other half serves a very
useful purpose for Naraku.

Which one of Naraku's depatchments are you?
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Result Posted on 09/19/04:
How did I pass this?

OH MY GOD!!!YOU PASSED!!!You got most of them or
all of them right. You rock. You're a true
Inuyasha fan.^-^You probly know more like
me,but I didn't wont to make the quiz to
long.Please rate and message me if you

!!!!THE ULTAMITE INUYASHA IQ QUIZ!!!!!You think you no more then me?*UPDATED*
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Result Posted on 09/19/04:
....Pink...almost as bad as blue...almost

~PINK~ The girly one. You're more of the sweetest side of
a blonde. Your sweet, a cutie and proble like
pink fluffy things. You're not that smart and
get scaried eazy and you proble cry alot. You
hate being alone and are more of a dunce,but
you can be tough once in a while and your a
great friend.Rate^-^

What's your anime hair color? COOL PICS^-^UPDATED!!!
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Result Posted on 09/19/04:

Inuyasha and your a guy that means you act just
like him! how cool.^-^Message me!

What anime gifs are you. REALLY CUTE PICS
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