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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's cold, more like freezing. But I"m ok, cause i have a bunch of blankets and my sister has decided to sit next to me to watch T.V. so I'm warm. My friend gave me a cd with a ton of fantasy pictures! They are soo cool! I found a few that I could use for ideas for my book.

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'Ello. how's everyone? Well, I'm ok, just bored. I did have fun today. Used a lazer light to get the cats we have to run around. It was awsome...hehe..anyways, I'll update my site soon. Enjoy!
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Friday, October 22, 2004

   *does a dance* I'm under 2000!!!!!
Thank you so much everyone!!! I'm under 2000 on the Popularity rateing! *hugs and cookies to everyone* Wow...I've made that goal. I guess now I have to work for 1500. :-p Well, I do have more good news! I have over sixty reviews each on my cross overs at fanfiction.net!! It's Awsome! Well, thanks again!
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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thanks for the complements on the stars. If you want information on where I got them, please PM me and I'll give you the information.
Yes, California does get cold, and the sad part was that it was only a "warm front". Another front is coming in that is a colder one...oh well. At least my sister is happy, her school got called off because of mud slides. Which is neat. Well on that subject, try to visit my sis's site: angelcasper11 There isn't that much there yet, but I'm working with her. Thankx!!

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I was having techincal difficulties, but apparently, I fixed them as fast as I caused them. Well, have a great day, hope to see more guest book signings!

Get your own mood!!

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   Err....I guess I never learn.
Well, it's me again....and yes, I once again have to say that I did something to my site. I guess it's part of the learning process..but this is getting ridiculous. Oh well, at least enjoy the falling stars!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

   La di la di....
Well, it's wet outside and cold. So I'm indside, bored and feeling nice and warm by the fire. *grins*

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   What's up?
Well, it's offically cold..well for me it is. It's raining, might snow...and ya. But I do have one tiny plea...among the thousands I've already made. Can you visit my sister's site? Her name is angelcasper11 She hasn't gotten many visitors and it'll make her day to get some. Thanks!
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Well, wanted to update people...I fixed what ever I did to my site...it's working for now.
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I want to apologize first off right away. Apparently me and the computer are not getting along at all, and so that's why my link to my RPG is gone...it decided to turn everything below it into a link. Now, apparently, the really awsome background I found decided to vanish everyonce in a while. So, just hang in there and hopefully I fix it...hopefully.
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