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"Snowboarding creates life, life creates snowboarding."

"Snowboarding is not an activity nor a sport... it is a state of mind and a way of life"

I love snowboarding for all the thrills and butterflies i get when speeding down the hill and passing all the lame skiers who are to afraid to just go with flow, for when i learn to do something new. Just for the whole expirience. I love everything about it, even the wind burn :)
The most depressing times in my life is everytime i have sit in the car and watch as the snowy backdrop slowly fades away, and the desert scene slowly creeps up. It's litterally a heart ache knowing that i have to wait A WHOLE YEAR to my next trip, but when that time of the year comes, it's all the sweeter. So snowboarding is my passion and when the snow is under my feet, i feel at peace, i've even come to like it more than the beach. So if you ask me why i snowboard you won't completely get an answer its just so complicated and hard to explain, but one thing you'll get out of me is that it's my life, and when i'm out there, everything seems to stop and the only thing that is important is getting every second i can out of it because it's the best time of my life.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rest In Peace
RIP Mitch- You have been missed dearly these past few months. NO 19 year old should have been taken from us the way you were, it's just not right. Matt is having a rough time i think. He has dedicated his myspace to you he has said that you are his hero and you helped guide him to the man he is today. He is having a hard time, but is also getting by with the help of ALL of his friends. Please help him and your parents know you are there every step of the way with them and you are looking over them. REST IN PEACE MITCH.

RIP Barb Hefner- I CAN'T IMAGINE what sam and jake are going through right now. NO CHILD deserves to have their mom torn out of their lives, and THEY DO NOT DESERVE to have to walk around each day knowing that their mom is going to die any day and not knowing when that day is. I ask my self all the time how God could do this to someone, in particularly to childreen, and i get so angry at him for doing so. Having to walk around each day knowing that at any moment your mom could die, is almost like torture. So when i think about this i get SO angry, but i know that it is only for the best, and he chose your family because they are of the stronger, and no matter how much pain and hurt, and no matter how low the days get, your family will be able to get through it and be strong, because they are of the strongest. So please i ask you to be with them. Show them, somehow, that you are with them and that you are there for them every second of every day. Rest in Peace Mrs. Hefner, you are going to be missed so much and you will never be forgotten.

RIP Danny Pasanella- So many people have been affected by you. You changed so many peoples lives and did not deserve to be taken from them. You were so young, and such a fun likable person, everyone seemed to have a story about you and not one was bad. It's crazy how the news of your death spread so quickly. I only knew you because you were on the same pop warner football team as my brtoher 9 years ago, but the moment i heard of your death on the phone i was absolutely stunned. I immediatly went to look for the photos of when you and my brother played together. So many people still miss and love you. I go and look at your friends myspaces everyonce in a while (and yours), and a lot of your close friends have still dedicated a part of it to you, and the ones that haven't have dedicated their momories. People still stop by your myspace and write down memories they have of you, or to tell you how much they love and miss you, and how they can't wait to see your face someday. I still don't understand how someone who was LOVED BY SO MANY PEOPLE can be taken so abruptly from them. But i have also come to understand that you are in a much better place now, and are probably partying it up up there. And even though so many people are still mourning you, they are happy that you are in a better place and having the time of your life. Although you are obviously already doing this, i just ask that you help your friends and family, to know that you watching over them and can't wait till that day when you get to see each and every single one of their faces again. But till then give them the stregnth to hold through and let them know that day will come, but they have to live THEIR life first. REST IN PEACE DANNY P!! YOU ARE MISSED DEARLY


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