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Hello, I'm Sachiko. Go ahead and add me to your friends list, but I will only add you to mine if you are: A) Nice to me; it's not like anyone wants to be friends with a jerk. B) Someone that can put up a good fight because most of my friends right now are wimps. C) ... Actually, forget all that. I'm a forgiving person. Check my site often! If you sign my guestbook, cross my heart and hope to die, I will sign yours.

Well, that Papercut video thing was short-lived... Anyways, now you all shall enjoy a One Piece hamster dance:


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Hahaha my cursor's a fish hahaha!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm such a recluse, I haven't been on here in oh, about 5 YEARS!! And... HOLY CRAP I HAVE NO MORE TIME MY TIME'S RUNNING OUT OMG!
PANIC PANIC PANIC Well, I have about 4 minutes left so I won't waste it panicking. (I'm at the library)
I'll try to be on more often, so I sound like I've
Sorry, used a minute of my precious time staring at that (HOT) guy over there... AH GOTTA GO!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Okayyyy... I will tell you guys what actually happened since you're all being lame and not guessing.

-I did buy an alarm clock
-I do make really good meatloaf
-My neighbor is paralyzed
-I didn't get a cell
-I did find Pearl Jam
-My sister is getting married (!!!)
-No one shoved anything down my throat
-I was listening to techno
-I WOULD have beat FF9 again if my brother's PS2 still worked. (So no, I didn't)

I'm to sign random people's guestbooks!

Love you!

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I love you! You protected me from random things when no one else could!
This is really entertaining: (Okamiko, I order you to watch!)

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Frei wie das Meer!
Me thinks this boy be a little wrong in the head, ja.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

   I SHALL GIVE YOU ETERNAL GLORY! And lots of love!
Why is it that gay/tranvestite people are always the funnest to hang around with? Why is it that the guys who ask for your phone number or pull on your bra strap always not cute? And then when he is cute, he's gay anyway? It just isn't fair...

How have you guyses been? I've been listening to music and playing Dr. Mario for a month straight. And I just drew a pic of Naruto listening to his Walkman. It should be up in 2 days or so.

Am I awkward? JW

I guess I sound straight sober in this post compared to earlier, but you guys really gotta answer the the "Guess what happened to me?" thingy two posts ago.

I still love all you guys. And admit it, you love me too!

Love, Sachiko

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