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Sunday, January 27, 2008

   OMFG! GUESS WAT?!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I waent to wikipedia and typed up Deidara, and guess what, his voice will be played by the famous Quinton Flynn, voice of Axel from kingdom hearts and Reno from final fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, i love his voice, it is soooo smexy!!! and his smexy voice will be coming out of Deidara!!!!!!!! *wants to scream and faint but the excitement is holding it back!!!!* ttyl
Ja ne!!!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Question 4 u!

hello peeps! ive been wondering but i'm not sure. i want to cosplay, and since its almost summer(well... we got like four months left)
so me and my friends want to go to a convention, so should i be Deidara or Riku? i'm thinking Riku but the cloak is expensive everywhere i go, so... unless some one out here can sew an organization 13 cloak, either spend $88.99 plus S&H, which is like $39.99, its the cheepest and best quality looking cloak ive seen, ooooor get an Akatsuki cloak thats like idk umm... $65 and S&H is $25. i'm stomped. to tell u the truth i really want to be Riku. i love Kingdom Hearts alittle more than Naruto actually.(i'm listening to traverse town theme right now ^_^) neither are in my budget right now, so i'm saving up,... not really. u can't save up money if ur broke. but i got months, and if i can't, i will take pictures and post them on my blog or something.but still, who should i do??????? plez respond.
ja ne.

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