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Monday, April 16, 2007

Aztig 2!!!

Bamboo - Tatsulok


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Sunday, July 23, 2006

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This is a happy story of mine during my high school years on a Boarding House.Please be patient!!

Blame it on too much Japanese anime' on the TV screen. It's been a year since my boardmates started pissing me off. Maybe it was that "Flame of Recca" thing, or that "Samurai X". Definitely, you can't trust my boardmates! You leave your unfinished meal a while and it vaporizes within a blink of an eye. I don't know your concept about ninjas but my boardmates believed that the best thieves that survived in this planet were the ninjas. My pen, my comb, chair and even my mirror travel from one room to another.

The worst thing comes when the clocks strikes at 6:30 pm on weekdays. Glued to the TV sets are mostly male high school and college students, cheering, laughing and yapping while watching "Dragon Ball Z"(i got addicted to it lately). The funny thing was when Freeze died; they celebrated until dawn drinking intoxicated liqour, storytelling the events which took place, repeating time and again the TV series they all watched! Our landlady, who loved Rosalinda before, wondered why our TV set doesn't have channel 2 anymore.(We don't have a cable).It's a result of one "ninja mission" courtesy of our engineering boardmate.(I don't know how he did it). They loved anime right? They even invite their classmates to watch their favorite anime and right after, they end up in a drinking spree. Thats when the food starts vanishing into thin air. When they're drunk, they look for anything edible.

My ninja boardmates vary in specialty. The Rookie: he is the food specialist, you won't notice that the chicken is missing from the curry! The supposedly chicken curry now is composed of potatoes. The amateurs offer you food, cigarette sticks and softdrinks that don't belong to them, (or the money used came from your own coin box).

Aside from the things we shared as a communal property, my ninja boardmates believed that the food should be consumed immediately 'coz we don't have refrigerator (sound reasonable huh). At least nothing valuable was reportedly missing for the past 3 years, maybe ninja techniques don't apply to too much precious things.

My boardmates called each other with Japanes names, like Sensui, Gouku, Recca, Tamahome and even Mojacko (names are affiliated to their looks).They call our boarding house Dojo, our landlady as Sensei. Our dog's name is Vincent! My ninja boardmates usully offer you food saying they can't consume it anf it's a waste if it ended up in the trash can. Only to find out later that it belongs to our poor lady boardmate, now shouting and cursing eveyone! That was my first initiation to the elite team, my first taste of food that does'nt belong to me. My first ninjutsu training.
One saturday, (my bm's call it the Test mission) we came home late and as we expected, we couldn't get inside our boarding house. The ninjas stike again! Via the window, undetected with special accuracy and precision. The next morning, we had a close-door meeting with our landlady.(Ofcourse she was angry!) The ninja reason? " What happened last night was a proof that our BH lacks security measure! Now, we should keep our windows secured and locked before going to bed at night." What seemed to be a scolding sesion turned out as open forum for the betterment of our beloved BH. To tell you frankly it was my 1st time to commit a grave ofense without being punished! Our Landlady was not supposed to notice our ninja entrance that night if not on a basic evidence that someone stepped on a dogshit and painted our floor with it. (it wasn't me. Honest!)
Despite these negative things I've experieced as a result of the ninja training, I've learned to value my things. No matter how small or big it may be, you'll miss it when it's gone. I never cared for my coins when they disappeared before, only to know they were taken as a sacrifice in exchange for a stick of cigarette. i never complained before who took this and that. At least I've learned to keep it and keep it well the ninja way. Now that I'm one of them, i know when they strike and i know the rules!

What matters most is the camaraderie environment that was created in ou BH. Since we share sentiments and principles of valuing things. A ninja helps a fellow nija! you've got an instant tutor for any subject especially math. No need to buy books, you can borow some. (Save the money).If you have poblems, you got somebody to leanon and give you pieces of advice on one condition, you have to buy the drinks to summon the spirits of wisdom and guidance. And when you'e sick.... somebody cares!!! Without your permission they call you mother, your sister, your brother and your gf. (It will appear like there's a party in you room.)

Lately, i peeled off the old wallpaper in my oom; it's been long overdue for its retirement. I deciphered a saying that was vandalized on the wall. (Maybe the former ninja occupant did it on purpose.) "As a student, learning fom you mistakes is good for experienced is a good teacher. But learning from the mistakes of others is better, because it's free! However, to ise whenever you fall and build your success fom the ruins of you failure is still the best!!
i figured, students do not only learn from schools, we learn many things outside the 4 walls of our classooms. It is during the moment that we grow up stronger and ready to face the future. Finally, wherever that ninja technique came from, it helped me become a resilient in my high school life. My initiative was impoved, my ingenuity and self-confidence were developed. I believed that for those who came and left before me in this Dojo (boarding house) they were prepared to face the bigger challenge in the game called LIFE!!! Well, i think after all, I am proud of what I was... a NINJA!! (kiyaaaahh!!!)

*Now accepting new applicants*

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

   prince of tennis

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