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hello i'm lyne i'm friends with mimori13^_^ ... any way feel free to pm but i'm not on all the time so it might take me a while to responed sry lol welhpoe ya like my profile c ya

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yes!!!!! No school!!!
Yes!!!! Today we dont have any school! im sooooo happpy but the worst part is that we werent supposed to have school on monday but now we have to go which sucks big time but im happy we dont have any school today cause i hate Valentines Day. All of my friends have valentines but i dont=( Anyway you can om me anytime u want later^^
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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Heyy everyone
Heyy everyone!!! Wow i went to a bday party and lets just say my stomach is sooooo full that i cant move. There was soooo much food there that i ate everything. I am soooo happy. I went to a basketball game yesterday and i saw a really hotttttttt guy his name is stevan. I love him we just met and we started to talk and he is the sweetest guy. I love his smile and his hair. I talk to him more but the bad part is i think he is interested in my friend instead. that's wut i hate the guys i like dont like me bac. This sucks. Oh well hpopefully i will find a guy someday^^ anyway luv yall Cya^^
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

  He everyone. Wuts up? Today was a wierd day for me because at school i got asked out by 2 people nd said no to both o them cause they both ugly. I relly lik the as a friend but not more than that. Anywa, i hop eeryone day was good and well like mine. I not thn u can alk to me and i can probably help but if not then i can talk if you want to. Ok caya
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