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Umm...well welcome to my page...there's not going to be much here but please enjoy it as much as you would like to and please drop a note (or sign if you want to be proper about it) in my Guest Book. many thanks!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wir haben kenine Schule morgen!
Yay! Snow day again here in the lovely Chicago land area! They decided to call it off a day early 'cause the HIGH tomorrow is supposed to be -2 and the low is -30. We also have about oh...10-12 inches of snow on the ground. It's crazy I tell you. For all those people who have only lived in tropical or warm places, you have no idea what that's like ^-^

although...this is kinda like a two edged sword because we were supposed to have finals tommorow, but now my aprehension will continue to build and I'll have finals on Tuesday (we have Friday off for a teacher institue day (really a break after finals) and Monday off 'cause of Martin Luther King Jr.).

So, now I'll get to study alot longer for my Physics (*STABSTABSTAB*) Final so that I can hopefuly get an A in the class (I have a 91 right now). Hopefully this extra study time will alow me to ace that final! Wish me luck!

oh yeah...and I have other finals like English and German, but English I already wrote the paper for so that's done, and I've already exibited my german skillz in the title of this post (If you're wondering it says "we have no school tomorrow"...atleast I hope it does ^-^;)

So after the whirwind that is finals has passed, I'll probly be on this site also more, so keep that art coming guys!

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hum de dum random update of unimportant
Hiya there guys and welcome to Ryuchu's update of complete unimportance! Yep, this is just 'cause I'm bored and I feel like typing lots and lots.

I noticed something weird about the order of anime I watch, this is what I've recently watched (In order):
1. Ouran High School Host Club
2. Death Note
3. Clannad
4. Elfen Lied
5. Pita Ten
6. Trigun
7. More Clannad (The after story part XD)

Notice anything peculiar? I have an odd habit of watching something cutsey...then something bloody/actiony. The jump from Clannad to Elfen Lied was probly the weirdest jump. Ah well *shrug* I'm just weird like that :3

Yeah, not that long ago I compiled this list of animes that I would like to watch...man is it long. Don't worry, I woun'tpost it here (maybe). But yeah I e-mailed it to a bunch of my friends so that they may never be deprived of anime!

And now this concludes my really random and totally pointless post! Oh and if you guys are waiting for metopost a picture...I do draw but then I look at it and go "...bleh" So...I'll just have to get over this and draw something I like alot (I'm thinking Clannad art...GO WATCH NOW CLANNAD IS AMAZING!!!).

weeeeee! more randomness! we have quintets on Monday, which are these things where we have one person on each part (it's a chior thing) and we have to sing infront of the whole chior...it's nerve racking so wish me luck. oh and on a related music note, I figured how to play Dango Daikozoku and Lilium on the piano, their both good songs go listen to them :3

tay, ta ta for now and sorry for wasting your time with the complete and utter randomness *bows head in shame* I woun't do it again *COUGHIMLYINGCOUGH* ...sheesh what a strange cough :3

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


la di da di da, today was a good day in the world of me~. I got out of 3 periods of school to listen to this AWSOME chior from North Western Illinois, and I wanted to scream they were so amazing!

They sang this song called Joshua, and ZOMG it gave me major chills! Gah, I love that song now!~

And then, and then, we got to sing WITH THEM! It was so superly awsome to be a part of the super amazing sound they were making!

And also, it got me out of school so more positivness~ ^-^

Anywho, sorry I haven't been on recently, school is a time sucking machine and I'm struggling through AP english and Physics is all cofuziling, but I promise to be more vigilant from now on! *pulls out periscope* I'm on the look out for everyone's new artwork, and maybe you'll see some new ones from me, who knows? :3

So what's up with your guys Holloween? I'm going Trick-or-Treating with a bunch of my friends, 'cause we're so uberly awsome and still Trick-or-Treat when we're all almost 17 years old XD. oh and I'm going to be an angel, and my friend a dark angel...maybe I'll post some pictures or maybe not.

Anyways, sorry for the hyper energy but good chiors and chior music always makes me uberly hyper! And now I bid you good day, *singing* So long, farewell, Aufwidersehn, Goodbye!" (Do ya Know where that's from? It was my school musical last year :3) *walks off singing Joshua*

P.S. Have a happy and fun Holloween!

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