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Fragament of dreams
The reason my life is a factor to me is because without it i am put into a realm that seprates me from my pulse, my breath, my emotions, and whether I choose to keep my emotins inside they are still there my life is a factor for me for my selfishness of not wanting to not love her
-Ryu Dark

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm sorry it's been like forever since i posted i just recently thought about since i was getting mail that poeple liked my page, and i really like the feedback you guys give me so im back on it and i make sure i vist my friends and see if anything new is up
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

you im kinda of going to school some people get along with me too well they feel they can tell me everything and i guess i always listen but lately they want me to do something about im kinda tired i help everyone else i cant develop my own problems sounds stupid but its true i've dealt with girl and boyfriends problems jealousy and revenge rumor spreading i feel like a dang detective anyway just thought i should vent somewhere and if your reading this you help so im trying to focus on me not Kitsune not sena not any other person but me you know what i just want to be alone for a while
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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Everybody i'm a protector and im good at it but how can i protect the people i want to if the dont tell me want im protecting them from so many secrets from the person who wants to help im tired of it but i wont give up protecting her at all ill try my best i just hope it means something to her that im always here for her and i would and want to protect her from everything if she would only let me i know when she's strong enough to handle things on her own but i also know when she cant and those are the times i want to help if only she let me
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Was up
Hello otaku havent posted in a long while sorry anyway how have all of u been i think am sick though i getting weaker sheesh opponets cant now that but yea i used to be really strong but lets see whatever im about to type i jusy made hope u like it
My Partner
Causing chaos is so much fun
since it can never be done
but with time and my friend
well show the world chaos has no end
we reak havoc and cause mayhem
we do it while smiling since were good friends
i call her my sister she calls me her bro
shes my competition to the darkness thrown
we are both very evil as are school should know
my partner in crime
my partner in trickery
my partner is what she is and will always be.

That was really retarded but tell me what u think about. cause to me its kinda lame.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

school is as hard as they say it would be it's actually been kinda easy anyway same old same old nothing intresting going on so heres a question what do u think life means
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