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Thursday, September 4, 2008

i survived!!!!!
well its about the end of my second week at my new school, and i have to say, it was better than the first week, which isnt saying much. first of all, the school is about 3-4 times bigger than my old school. that means a hell of alot more people. um classes are worse than in my old school, lunch is bad cuz im in need of a table, and i miss my friends. but hell, i survived, and thats all i can ask for at this moment, some things im concerned about is that because there are 3x more students, its gonna be a bitch to make the tennis team. on top of that, i hear from everybody that junior year is deathly important for college so im a bit worried. so now im shit deep in homework, no friends(at least not in the school), and no life. but hey whatever happens i guess i wont back down, no matter what comes at me.
funny story: today at lunch some girls were talkin bout condoms next to me and jokingly said "u want a condom" and i said, "not from u" then some toher girl was like"awww, leave him alone, hes still a virgin" and i said, " i rather be a virgin than a slut." what that got me was a slap in the face, but hell, it was worth it.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

...so i've been living in my new place for almost a month now, and all i can think of right now is leaving. i miss everything. i wish i can just relive what it was like 5 years ago. I'm now relying on my xbox to let the time pass, and that is sad. whats also bad is that my stepdad now makes me do all his work around the house with chores and all that, saying that i will finally get an allowance, he even makes a fucking schedule on the stuff i have to do, for example, thursday i have to wash my clothes... ill wash my clothes whenever the fuck i feel like it.... ooo idk when my hamper is full???? i basically do all his work now and all he does is sit there on the tv and drink some beer. and wow, i get $30 whoopee... i could get 50 by just moving somebody elses lawn.... and im almost 17 and when i get a job i dont need your money, and its the summer, what was then filled with going outside and doing fun things has become doing chores all day. not only that but to be honest i dont see how my mom and him will last. but to be honest, the way i figure it is 6months until i can get my liscence,6 months until i can get a job, and 2 years until i move out. i guess in 10 years ill just drive by his crappy house in my porsche and just give him the finger....

but why so serious...?
one good thing that happened to me was that i went with some of my friends to go see the dark knight today and that was a little nostalgic. it was a badass film btw if u havent checked it out, you should. i dont know how it avoided an R rating but the joker gave me chills. its a shame the actor had to die, it would be awesome if i can see another movie with him as the joker again.

and also one last thing, im starting my new school in about a month now. and to be honest im a little confused. most of my friends have died out an me and now i only have a handful. should i forget my past or should i embrace them? the obvious choice or the easiest choice. heh i hate ultimatums

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I donít know what to believe in anymore, all this pressure is creeping up my spine, all this sadness engulfing my heart. Tell me what to do, because I donít know what to do anymore. The constant weight on my shoulders are weighing me down, never letting me fly. The blue sky looks oh so pretty, but these shackles will never let me free. Oh how I wish that they would be here with me, but I know that it would not be. Should I turn this sadness into rage? Or should I continue to carry the burden? Even as Iím told about my future, I have a feeling it will be bleak, until the time comes where these shackles come off, letting me fly to the unrestricted sky.
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