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Friday, May 26, 2006

hei everyone ~ just dropping by ^^

I'm so sorry to those who kindly dropped a message on my gb and that I didnt reply ><;; I just come by here once in a while ~ but I really appreciate it ^^ <33

I uploaded a new fanart ~ 8D *cough* well , actually an old fanart I did last year -___-;; sorry XD;

well 3 weeks holidays has finally come ~ gotta enjoy it ne ~ XD bai bai ~ >w
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

   =D I'm online~!!
hisashiburi ~~ @w@ *LOL* I am back ? lol prolly , =P

neways ~ I was browsing around today , bored . n I suddenly remembered my otaku account . n figured to take a look at my old drawings . *which I looked , euw. :x* ahahahaha

n look ~ the new pinky site ~ I love pink xD maybe I'll go on here when I have nothing to do ~ lol

missed everyone though ~ *huggles all* x)

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Kinda Goodbye.. >__>
hiya there ^^
yeah..whats with the black site @__@ I'm not gonna update on Otaku anymore..due to many exams around n all...so if u wanna see my other pics or even if some wanted to see my doujinshi..just plz go to my DeviantArt account..http://loveariddle.deviantart.com/ just that I dun have time to resize my pics @__@
yeah..I deleted all my journals..but meh..I dun want to delete my pics @__@ lol
well then..I really appreciate those who always comment my works ne~ n plz dun mind if I havent added u (forgot) or didnt sign ur gb ^^
so if u wanna just talk or whatsoever..just pm me ne.. (pming is not open 4 requets..) >.>
now I will say 'Goodbye~~'
hope to talk to my friends again ne~
soreja~sayonara~~ *___*

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