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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wassup peoplez? I hate you guys.

I would jsut like to welcome back Neko! She finally came back from who knows where and starting the Otaku again! Check her out at Nekoyasha2000! Go now!

So, did any one else buy anything from ADV Films during the St. Patricks day weekend? I tell you what i got and make you feel bad for missing out such a great sale.

I bought:

Angelic Layer Boxset+DVD Vol.1
Azumanga Daioh Boxset+DVD vol.1
FMP! Boxset+DVD Vol.1+T-shirt
Gravion Boxset+DVD Vol.1
Magical Shooping Arcade Abenobashi Boxset+DVD Vol.1
Neo Ranga Boxset+DVD Vol.1
Megaman OVA: Upon a Star (damn right)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 1,3,5,7

And all for around 82 dollars. Ha ha ha! I feel real sad for those who missed it.

Well thats all, see you latez

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Ooooo, cheap
Hey, over at ADV Films.com they are having a ST. Patrick day sale! from 3/17/06 till 3/19/06, everything is 75%off! Cheap cheap cheap! A 40 dolar box set is now 8 bucks! ^______^! buy buy BUY!!!
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I think im sick...
bleh... i hope im not. first tennis game coming up in a couple weeks and i have to be in tip top shape...

Other then that, we had a tea ceremony at anime club today. Yay...we had bitter ass tea (yum!), ramen (made by yours truly), sweets like pocky and oreos (oreos?), and napkins. LOts and lots of napkins. And some how a Genocide Clan meeting also was going on in there. I was all showing off my NEWTYPE magazine to them. They gasp at my subscription! I also met two great new people. Judy and Mary Rose. THier twins! They both had Princess AI shirts on. My first manga...

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie is censored. Oh well, cant blame a guy for trying. All i see is bouncing "ADV Films". Argh! But i entered to win the uncensored dvd. Hope i win. I really like the opening theme song. I gotta get it. ANd teh art is cute! I really enjoy ms.sanda, shes funny. Catgirl raygun....hilarious!!

Loveless was also there. I liked the manga preview in takuhai, but then anime is awesome! The art is great! I like Yuki alot and the teach. Soubi and Ritsuka are so greatly drawn. And the first battle seen with "breathless" was just the tip of the overflowing iceberg of greatness. I am well to look over the fact of its yaoiness and buy the dvd. I wish i had a sentoki....a girl one of course!!?!?!? ^^" I should be named.....(you choose the name!)

Fuccons was also on the dvd and wedding peach. Wedding peach....dont get me started.

oh, and i now have a myspace! Woot! Since last friday. I didnt want one, so my cuz finally made one for me. Hes been angging me to have one for months. Well, if you have one, check me out k? Carlos Lopez is whatz i putz downz there. SO come hit me up. Or knock me up? or is it wassup? Damn slang terms!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Eyes hurt....
Did i say im doin tennis? Well i am! Slices, topspins, serves, i can do all of that....if i keep practicing the next couple decades. So far a week has gone by with me doin practice. Its ok, im doing real good. Today was a good day to practice. Im boring you guys right?

not much to report. eyes really do hurt. Ill check some sites today. I finally decided to make a myspace, but i havent done anything to it yet. testing all week, tired....ok see ya

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

You should to cosplay!!
Mo like, H-COSPLAY!!! Joking.....not really.

SO like i was saying, social was fun, girl tried to kiss me and i stragetacly ducked, got drunk off some fruity punch, and then i ate quesedillas. THere you go!

I was invited to go watch Ultra Violet tomorrow by eff and Xaveir. But i turned them cuase it looks corny. Its just like Aeon Flux (didnt watch that ethier). I rather watch Doogal.


UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie preview on Newtype Magazine if any body wanted to know.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Freshman Sophmore "Tropical Oasis" Social
Wow, took me long to get back on. First off, i wanna say that FighterX rules! Megatokyo!! Woot WoOt! Oh, and now for the update.

On Friday, it was Nottingham North Highs' (hee hee, high...) Annual Freshman Sophmore Social. This years theme was "Tropical Oasis" as you can see. I did not go last year becuase....umm....i did not know how the people over there dance. I lived in Trenton for 13 years, and the music we listened to was dog barking and gun shoots! Shoot that man again! I can get down with this! So now that i live in hamilton, my life turned around.

It was so different, but im not gonna go to some lenghty discussion about it. SO i didnt know any of the songs being played there. But my friend thought me somethings before the dance. 1) try not to look stupid when you dance. 2) When slow dancing, just sawy side to side without moving your feet. This was useful advice.

Luckyly, they played something i know well, spanish reggea! Even though i dont dance that much (i usually stick only to Merenge, Bachata, and kumbia) i danced alot of that over there. It is funny actually, when they played it, i decided to find me somebody in the dance floor to dance with. I went in from the front, and in 30 seconds, i came out from the left side. WTF!?!?!

So, then i met up with many friends. Effrain was the last to come. He came with his date, then picked up 3 other girls and went to dance. And i was dancing the whole time with friends really. We did the Macarana! And i started this huge train with people! Antonio took pics. Ill put them up as soon as i get them. This may be the only time you get to see me. But you gotta pay.

I saw the girl i liked there and was gonna ask her to dance (her names being kept secret due to the fact that my freinds come to myO, even though they never comment and always pester me to comment on thiers.)!

Damn! time limit! Gotta go! Ill post the rest later!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Social? No other way around it...
Hey! Yes! i just finished typing my entrance papers to a college level class! yes! i noticed many people gloat about school here on myO. Are we all that dorky? anywayz, yay! New pocket protectors for everyone!

The social is tomorrow and i cant wait! I went to go shopping with my mom. I needed new clothes for it. I now know why girls like it so much. The idea of buying expensive clothes with out your money is an awesome feeling. Since the Freshamn Sophmore Social is a semi-formal dance, i bought me two new khakis (green and brownish looking one), a greenish looking silk button shirt, a green axcess shirt to put underneath. I look niceeee! You can see my manlyness radiating.

I was thinking of going in a group with friends, also known as stag. But i changed my mind and decided to go with a freshie. Before i asked her, i was approched by destiny. I turned her down. I hope she took it well. Then later i found out that the girl i asked might not even go at all due too problems. sigh, oh well. I guess im going to enter alone then. If she does go anyway, ill meet here there.

THen some after party at some girls house named melissa, then a andy's, after that matt's, and then Mikes! yea!

Well, i gotta go. Parents are so buggy. Bye!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

St. Valentines
Hey! How was your valentines? Mines could've gone better, but it was still a great day. I had fun and stuff and alot of candy to "share the love" with.

First, cuase of monday's snow storm, there was no school! I spent it doing nothing at all. Those are the times. And a day less to embarress my self at school. SO then we all went to school tuesday. Valentines Day.....*heart beat* This year, i bought carnations and roses for people. I orded them from our schools FBLA last friday. I mustered up the courage to send a secret admirer one too! Well, i always had the courage too, cause im the man ^_~ but yea. Then, cuase of the snow, the orders didnt come in to school that day! We had to wait till the next day to get our flowers. *sigh* But i still found love letters in my locker. Three actuallly. But they werent all...for me.....or real at all....

The first one was a pranked pulled by two of my freshman friends (damn scrubs! ill get them...) and the other was sent to...the...worng......locker ~_~" The girl mistaken the locker number with some other guys. And she was cute and stuff....;_;

And the third one was a real letter. WoOt! Some one likes me. Its all cursive and stuff. And i ate lots of chocolets and flirted a little with some girls. Eh, cant blame me on valentines. So then next day the roses came in. It was practically only 5 people getting roses. I really didnt expect any except probaly a joke red rose from my friends and 4 friendship white ones. but at the end, i got a pink one...secret admirer. I was kinda surprised really. The O's on my name had hearst replace them and on the back it says Happy Valentins Day. I thought it was the same girl who sent me the love letter but they had different handwritting. At the end of the day, all my guess (12 of them) were wrong! Who could it possibly be!?! I hope it was the girl i sent a flower too to...I also sent a flower to a cute freshi....asian influnce making me like younger girls. WEll thats all i have to report for valentines. Tell me about yours! (make really long comments!)

On a second note, im gonna be an uncle! My oldest cousin, Sandy, is gonna have a baby August 14! The month i was born! theres like 6 kids born on that month in my family! Its soo popular cuase i was born there too! This is gonna be exciting!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorius triumphs, even though checkered by failure. Than to rank with those poor spirits, who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight who knows not victory or defeat.
I learned that forcefully (somewhat) by my teacher Mr. Chell. He was a cool teach, one of the many at Nottingham North High.

Ha ha ha, i scratched out some words of my school name from my daily planner to say "i am high." Hilarous!

SO many problems with anime club. Too much to think about too. Oh yea, i finally signed up our club to be an ADVocate. Sponsored by ADV we are! Tea ceremony coming up too! Im in charge of honorifcs. Yay?

I Just recently bought me an issue of newtype! ^^ God thier expensive!!! Almost $100 to subscribe for a year!!! But im still happy! I also got this dvd! It has an episode of Daimond Daydreams (i like the lil hoppy jumpy song in the beginning), Macross, The fuccons (ha ha ha what the hell!?!) and Boys Be.... Actually, thats a pretty good anime if i say so my self. Buying newtype makes me want it so much more to get the next issue. But its smart to subscribe. Too much for me though!! And it makes me wanna buy more japanese stuff. Im strating to like small girls too! like the freshies at school. Asian influence.

J-list is getting more popular and bigger. If you dont know what j-list or jbox is(OMG!! you loser!! You dare call yourself an otaku!?!) its a site selling all types of japanese imports. From toys, treats, clothes, to authentic ninja shoes, school girl outfits, H manga and hentai dating-sims. Hmmmm....the sagara family....souske sagara!?!? Yup yup, everything found in japan are sold there. So there you go. Im seeing into the future and i see you clicking right away the hentai section. Your perverts....*click click* oh, Lotus Love.....*drool*

Also, i got a friggin time limit on may computer access. I get kicked out everyday at 9. And im only allowed on a 7. Sucks! i have so many things to do between those times!! Argh! Well im joining an AP course. US history. Its a college level class. yay! Im also thinking of taking AP Science and English. But i really gotta start with the rose selling to get any money.

Valentines coming! anybody gonna ask any one out? Im pretty much gonna hand out candy to the girls i know. Thats about......3 girls....boo. Maybe even send flowers to a certain somebody....somebodies. Ha ha ha! ^//^ Well not much to say. Bye!

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is the 3rd time typing this! COmputer stop kicking me out!!!! SO yea, midterms have been going great. I know i aced them all (anyone else?....no?) Can i hear a Woot Woot!?!?.....*chirp chirp chirp*

Antonio: Woot?
Me: Thank you! and good night!! *jumps off stage*

So today i got out of school a 10 a.m. cause i just had one exam to do today. SO i met up with dave, ashley, JPac, and Ryan. Mike was supposed to be there. But you know mike, that big pimp. Here, let me show you what i mean. True story.

*Team Chaotix Venture (consist of me, antonio, mike, dan, and one random female) were walking down the halls leaving the schoo building*

Antonio: and thats how you get the omega shining blade of wiggliness.

Me: Antonio...thats not a blade. And its not a kill all females video game. Its a Hentai Dating SIM....

Antonio: Thats what they all say


Mike: *droool* Huh? oh yea. That sword thingie...reminds me of doom 3.

Carlos: You mean that hell gate?

Mike: Exactly. Bill Gates is a brilliant genius making that gate....thats where i got demonic kitten.

Antonio: Right....and im black

Carlos: You are spigga

Antonio: Sure....and dans kore....wheres dan?


Dan: *reappears* Theres lacy ahead of us...

All of us: Whoa!

Carlos: Fudding blackbelt...thinks they can appear anywhere

Lacey: Isint any one gonna say hi?

All of us: *very slow and very unethustiastic like*: Hey lacey...

Lacey: Hey mike! ^^

Mike: Sup?

C & A: Oo?

Carlos: *whisper* say something before i do....*hits mike behind the head*

Mike: *spits out water he was drinking by accident* uhh....

Lacey:....well thats odd. *looks down at now wet shirt* Thats not what i wanted you to cover me with but i guess it will do for now. ^^ Bye mike! Bye guys.

All of us cept' mike: *very slow and very unethustiastic like* bye lacey...

Mike: Yea, see ya...


*walking to jims*
Antonio: Wait! I just got what lacey meant!

Carlos: *rolls eyes* So about that sword game...

Yup yup. BAck to what i was saying. I left early today. So ashley and JP left for unknown reason. and mike never showed up. Soon, a freshie named sam joined us and we started walking to daves house to get some money for pizza. Hes whole family were still asleep, but he was able to get 5 dollas though. I only had three with me (selling roses today is not a good business). We went there and bought a large pepperoni and suasage pizza. We were quite at first but after we got the pizza, it was fun. We spent the whole time fighting fo slices and swallowing gulps of RC soda. Then we spent time talking about anime and Girls Bravo. Then we most of spent atleast and hour talking about Red Vs. Blue. CRAZINESS!!!! Dave spat soda all over my face cuz of Ryan. Damn you!! Not really. I can use you...

Al you got ot know is that it was much more fun than whatever you guys did. straight up. Tomorrow i have a health exam and then leaving early again and meeting up with most of the crew and doin wacky unsurpurvised tennagers things!!! more like playing some video games. im pretty sure its gonna head over there. lol bai bai!

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