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Hello I'm Rx189, A major Gundam/Anime fan From as far back as I can rember. I have loved anime's, but I like mecha Anime's the best, I mean who would not like to pilot a 17m. tall gundam or veritech fighter.

I spend most of my day building and painting gundam models, playing computer games, roller bladeing, Swimming and of corse watching anime.

my E-mail is rx189@yahoo.com

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   Not Enugh Time
I'm so sorry I have not been on the Otaku latly, It's just been real bussy here. First off vacation is over and I'm back in school, second I'm paiting 2 pictures Vash(Trigun, and Dunen Knuet(Appleseed). Third Wrighting 2 stories, and finaly playing Anarchy Online. Hehe I did not say I was not haveing fun, just bussy.

Hopefuly within the next 2 weeks one of thie pictures will be done, maby even bolth. By the way if you wish to contact me My Yahoo Im name is Rx189, MSN is rx189@yahoo.com and e-mail is the same as MSN

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Friday, May 13, 2005

   Best anime movie ever created!
Yesterday I herd that APPLESEED was released on dvd on my 10th so I went to best buy and bought it the normal dvd goes for $16.99 and the Limited Collectors edition goes for $24.99 I got the collectors edition, I highly recommend this version it comes with a bonus disk about appleseed and a audio cd from one of the music artists
All I can say right now, is that this is the best anime movie I have ever seen, and if you like Ghost in the Shell, Gundam, or Cowboy Bebop You should highly consider getting this movie. Later Iíll write my review on the show, until then have fun and be safe!

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

I'm so sorry I haven't posted sooner, but one of my brothers got married on Saturday and itís been hard to find time to get online and post an update until now.
Iíve been so busy I donít think Iíll be posting pictures anytime soon. As for the marriage everything went great. It was all out doors in a grassy meadow near Flagstaff, Arizona. I played music for the ceremony, no bigy it was all on a cd, I just had to press a few buttons. Lol. After the ceremony we, danced and talked till about 9pm. Which when I got back home after 12 midnight I stayed up to watch the second airing of FMA and ghost in the shell. Why did Hughes have to die! Waaaaaaaaaa! Hughes was the best charter in FMA.
Well thatís all the time I have for now so hope to talk to ya all later!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've finally have enough skill to design and draw my own original charter! The person I have chosen to draw is from the story Iím working on called Gundam 0489: The Story of Shadow. At the moment her name is Shinko Yami, might change it later because it does not quite sound right. Any suggestions on a new name will be most appreciated.
Hereís a little info on her.
Age: 18
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5ft. 6in.
Weight: 112 lb.
An expert Scoobie (S.V.) Pilot and works for the Mobile Systems Cooperation (M.S.C.) as a test pilot and in her free time competes in class A Rumble fights. While testing a new S.V. for the M.S.C. she was attacked by a mobile suit, and was saved by Bit Winner the main charter of the story. Afterwards the two become best friends.
Iíve been working on this picture for the past 2 weeks, thatís the reason why I have not updated my site before now. Iím still a long way from being done, line art is mostly done just a few minor changes, 89% is colored, and 50% shaded. As normal there will be no lines except on the face when Iím done (here is a tip when working in Adobe Photoshop always have your lines on a separate layer, makes painting a lot easier.)
Well I guess thatís it for now, have fun and be safe!

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