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Friday, October 20, 2006


You call me a nerd,
I'll show you my college acceptance letter.
You call me an emo,
I'll show you my scar free wrists.
You call me a goth,
I'll show you my biggest smile.
You call me a quitter,
I'll show you all the goals I've reached.
You call me a loser,
I'll show you a first place ribbon.
You call me a wimp,
I'll show you my bravest face.
You call me lazy,
I'll show you my track record.
You call me stupid,
I'll show you a straight A report card.
You call me a loner,
I'll show you all my friends.
You call me boring,
I'll show you my individuality.
You call me a crybaby,
I'll show you a stiff upper lip.
I just wish that you could see,
How happy I am just being me.
So stop a moment and let yourself ask,
Do you want to live behind a mask?
Let your real beauty shine through,
Let the facades go, and just...be you.

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