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Monday, February 19, 2007

   ++**_you dont know me_**++
You think you know me
But did you know
This pretty girl
Cries into her pillow
Late at night
When the noise
Has died
And the lights
Have dimmed
And there is nothing
But the sound
Of her wim
When no one cares
And the night is hers
When she thinks
About the pretty boy
That make her feel
On top of the world
You may think I'm lying
That this pretty girl
Could never be crying
But she cries at night
Knowing for sure
No one will see
She's insecure
You think her
Like is perfect
But it's a living hell
Parents that don't trust her
A sister who yells
She thinks to herself
"Why am I here
What am I for
Why do you look at me
Like I'm a hore
I didn't choose
To be born
It's not my falt
I'm not the hoe
Stop telling me
That it's my falt
Stop making me think
That I'm no good
Stop yelling at me
Leave me alone!"
She's stuck in the life
And she can't escape
It's as if she's being blamed
For someone else's mistake
So don't think
For one second
That you know me
Cuz you don't know
The hell I've seen.

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