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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Yo y'all!! Sorry for not updating in awhile. School stuff. -_- School sucks...

Mustang: You said it.

Ed: Mustang, you're not in school!!

Mustang: *appears with a school uniform on* Yes, I am!!!

Everyone: ......

Me: ....At least you got the guys uniform on. ^_^;; If you would've been wearing the girls uniform.....

Hawkeye: *loads her guns*

Mustang: 0_0 *gulps*

Me: Whatever. -_- Anyways, nothing really special happened over my absence. Just...nothing...special....BORING!!!

Al: Didn't something happen at lunch today...?

Me: OOH!! That's right!! Alright, alright, listen up peeps!! Okay, lunch was almost done: it was around 1:02pm. I was reading when suddenly I hear the whole caferteria go "Ooooh!" like someone got slammed good. I look up and I see someone running with something white in their hair. They run past our table and I realize that it was Magnus being chased by Jared. Jared had ice cream in his hair and face...and Magnus was the one who did it. A teacher tried to run after them, but he only got Jared. Dude, Magnus runs FAST! The whole cafeteria was applauding. It was hilarious.

Ed: Why did he throw ice cream at the guy?

Me: Well, Magnus is a foreign-exchange student. ....The one that I had a crush on...^///^ Anyways---Jared was making fun of him, because of his nationality (and he was calling him gay, too). So, Magnus got fed up with it and slammed ice cream in his face. XD It was awesome. If someone was makin' fun of me 'cause of where I came from, I'd snap, too!!

Hawkeye: Did he get in trouble?

Me: Yeah, I think. He was wanted in the office and he was acting all innocent about it. Me and Steph are gonna ask him about it tomorrow. IF he's at school tomorrow.

Ed: Then what are you gonna do? Grill him?

Me: Are you kidding? I'm gonna congratulate him!!! It was soooo awesome what he did!! ^_^ *siiigh* But---enough of that; tomorrow is an early release day.

Mustang: Yay!! That means we get let out of school early!!

Hawkeye: Sir, you're not in school!

Mustang: Yes I am, Lieutenant! See?! I got the uniform on and everything!!

Hawkeye: Mana-chan's school doesn't wear uniforms.

Mustang: ....Huh?

Me: Yeah. If our school wore uniforms, I'd die.

Mustang: Actually, it wouldn't be bad. I mean---all the girls would have to wear skirts, right?? ^___^

Me: *whacks Mustang with the Paper Fan for Idiots* Pervert. Oh!!! Also, today in school for Speech, someone brought in the game, Guitar Hero. IT IS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!

Ed: Guitar Hero???

Me: It's like DDR, except you play with a plastic guitar. It looks hard, but it's really easy. And addictive!! He had Michael play first....and he was kinda bad. ^_^;;; Then I volunteered to go next. And I barely missed any----and it was my first time playing the game!! Everyone was stunned. As was I!! ^_^;; I wanna get it!!! .....But it's $70....T____T

Mustang: That sucks.

Me: Yeah....well!! Time for pics!!!

I FOUND IT!! Okay, the next few pages are the part where Hawkeye meets Barry the Chopper and he falls in love with her!! XP

This is where she's shooting the crap outta him....

And this is where Barry reveals that he's like Aru-kun.

CONFESSION!! LOL And Hawkeye calls Mustang...

To say that she's got some "weirdo" XP Barry's hilarious...

LOL Mustang doesn't look too happy at the fact that Barry's glomping Hawkeye...XP

And this is where they're interogating Barry. And he wants to chop up Falman and Mustang, 'cause they thought he was a fake. And Hawkeye whacks him in the head with a pipe...XDD

Well, that's it!! ^_^ I went to the library yesterday and got 4 books: Tsubasa vol.8, AliChino vol.2, Zorro, and Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. Maximum Ride is a REALLY good book!! And AliChino has some really beautiful art in it!!


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Thursday, April 13, 2006



Mustang: Hell ya, to that!!

Me: Yup!! No getting up early at 5:00am!

Mustang: No long, boring classes, too!!

Me: And the best part...

Me and Mustang: NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!! W00T!!! v^_^v

Hawkeye: ...Sir? You don't go to school...

Mustang: So? I get tomorrow off work!! ^_^v

Hawkeye: That's what you think, sir.

Mustang: 0_o WHA?!

Hawkeye: Just because Mana-chan doesn't have school tomorrow, doesn't mean that you don't have work to still be done.

Mustang: No way...T___T *slumps to the ground with a cloud over his head*

Me: ..............Mustang...? Y'know, if you get your work done early, you can have tomrrow off. Right, Hawkeye?

Hawkeye: Yes.

Mustang: *perks up* Really!? Ya mean it?! YAAAY!! *runs off to finish paperwork*

Everyone: .................

Ed: I really think that there's something wrong with that man...

Me: He's just happy, is all. Anyways, on to other things. Today went pretty well. Boring, yes, but it still went well. Yesterday night, I checked out my xanga to see if anyone made any comments about me getting kicked outta the RP ring. And I was shocked.

Al: What happened?

Me: Nearly half of the people in the ring are quitting. The person who RPs Mustang and Hawkeye are quitting. And Steffie-chan really told off the person who RPed Edward; the "leader" of the "xx" RP ring. My brother told him off, too! Everyone says that I did nothing wrong!! They say that the rules are a bunch of BS and that they're no fair. And I still don't know what I did wrong. Still...I was shocked by how many people supported me. I thought everyone would think that I was a horrible person!! But...it ended up being the exact opposite. When I update my xanga today, I'm gonna thank them all for their support. Actually...I'll do that now, too!! Thx guys for the support. *bows deeply*

Ed: Wow. That was really nice of them!! If I could, then I would beat that "Xx_Edward_Elric_xX" (that's his xanga site) to a pulp!! *cracks knuckles*

Me: Heh heh...thx Ed. Steffie-chan said that she was going to create her own RP ring with NO RULES!! It's an awesome idea. And she's so happy that she caused a revolution on the Internet. ^_^ Oh, her site on here is Chiyono.

Hawkeye: Anything else happen today?

Me: Eh, not much besides that. Pretty much SSDD. But I am so glad that I have no school tomorrow. It was so hard to get outta bed this morning!! Ugh...school sucks.

Ed: Yo, Amanda?

Me: Mm?

Ed: If anyone else does that to you again and makes you seem like a horrible person, you just tell your friends and we'll handle it. NO ONE has the right to do that to my friend!!

Mustang: *from his desk* Yeah! I'll flame 'em for ya!

Hawkeye: Well, I haven't had target practice in awhile...*loads guns*

Al: I'll help, too! ^_^

Me: Thx, guys. ^_^ *blushes a little* Well, I guess that's enough for today. Nothing much else to talk about. Oh, I might get my State Alchemist Pocket Watch tomorrow!! *squee!!* I can't wait!!! ^__^ Okay, now onto pics----

Roy and Riza at work. ^_^

I think Mustang's glomping a pillow in this picture...Don't ask why. ^_^;;

Now, ain't this just CUTE!! ^^x

Kimono and yukata!! ^___^ Love it.


Now now, behave yourself, Taisa...XP

Wow, it's awesome outside...it's like 74 out there!! And it's steaming inside the house. Right now, my dad's putting up the screens in the window, for we can open them up. Which is good. ^_^


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   School Sucks...-_-

School royally sucks. Nothing bad happened today, mind you. But...school in general SUCKS. Too much work and bad lunches. I just wish Friday was here.

Mustang: But you still have school...don't you?

Me: Nope. School's out. It's Good Friday this Friday, so I don't have school W00T!! ^_^v SO---tomorrow is my last day at school and I get a 3 day weekend!! YAY!! ^_^

Ed: Let me guess; you're gonna stay up late tomorrow and sleep in on Friday.

Me: You know it!! ^_~ On Friday I hope to drive to either Mansfield or Wooster.

Everyone: YOU?!!? DRIVE?!?!

Me: AW, SHUT IT!!! Yes, I can drive!! I have my permit and I have at least 1hr and 10mins towards it so far!! And I'm doing pretty good, mind you!! I drove all the way to Shreve to apply for a job (which I'm still waiting for them to call) and I drove to Nashville (OH) to get pizza.

Hawkeye: What job did you apply for?

Me: I applied at an ice cream shop. The one I told you all about a LOOOOOONG time ago!

Al: What're going to do in Mansfield or Wooster?

Me: Dunno. If we go to Mansfield, I might get my Pocket Watch. ^_^v I want it soooooo badly!! It's $30 but I'm trying to convince my parents to buy it for me for Easter. Hopefully, I can persuade them! ^_~

Ed: Good luck!

Me: Thx!! ^_^ Last Saturday, I got Kingdom Hearts 2. IT IS AN AWESOME GAME!!!!! The graphics kick ass and the fights are killer!! I'm not that far, though. ^^x;; I'm only about to face the Hydra. When my bro gets off, I'm gonna get on and go forward. Hopefully I'll be able to beat Hydra without any problems.

Mustang: But you already died once...

Me: *whacks Mustang with the Paper Fan for Idiots* Baka. Don't remind me. I wasn't paying attention to my HP and I got killed by one of the Fat Heartless. -_-;; Pathetic. Well, that's all I have to talk about. Sooooo, it's pic time!! And they're Royai!!

I think this is really cute. If any of you read this chapter in the manga, then you know what's going on. If you don't....PM me and I'll tell ya, 'cause it's kinda spoilerish...

Enjoying a summer afternoon together...^_^

Ha ha, Mustang. XP

They should've had more Royai moments in the anime. *pouts* I've yet to see some good Royai moments in the manga, yet...

Dis is Riku in KH2. And he's so HOT!! I've yet to hear his voice, though. I mean---you hear it in the beginning...but he's yelling and you really can't evaluate his voice...

Augh, I wore flip-flops all day at school and now I think I got blisters...T_T

Oh!! I got a question for y'all!! For those who've read ahead in the FMA manga, what chapter does Barry the Chopper confess his love for Hawkeye?? I just remembered that he does that and I wanna see it in the manga. So...if you know, can you please tell me?? Thx! ^_^x


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