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Hello Anime fans I am a vivid fan of anime. I have seen many anime in my time. I am studding Astronomy. Stars & plantes ain't that soooo cool. Clubs i belong to :

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Hi hi all. I been away most time. Weekend i saw my parents they missed me they say i dont vist them much. I told them school takes time studing. They know all sudies take forever. No time for stars theis past weekend too. :(
I hope tonight i see some as i go out to see stars. Well i will go now. Ja-ne [Rukia Azai]

Reika's Anime & J-Pop Music Codes

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   Been Busy everyone.

Sorry I havent appeared in time here. School keeps me busy. I am here now Also my Online friend is here too he just signed up. his name is GrayVotary. I had known him for some years since we chatted on Winmx. Vist his site hes nice. Ja-ne [Rukia_Azai]

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   Mid-week Updateing

Hello! All my week is almost over. Thats good taken quizes and it seems i passed. I love that. It seems there cam cold air as it seems cold at night now and cloudy. Which makes the stars hard to see. Oh we at the Gotei 13 are looking for members for our club. Message me and a quiz will be given so we can determain your rank. Plz message we have only eight members. Well thats all i think... Ja-ne [Rukia Azai]

I think I am going Quiz Crazy.

action='http://memegen.net/viewmeme.pl?meme=1074752432' method='POST'>
Your guy from Gundam SEED is... by jazie
Hair Color:
Coordinator or Natural:
Date You Met:February 23, 72
Your G.S. guy is:
Your chance of staying together:: 80%
The first thing he said to you:"Excuse me, have we met?"
The place you met:The Z.A.F.T. Headquarters
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Yup Yup Gundam Quiz Crazy.

Which Gundam Seed Guy Will Be Your Match? by nakedkittie67
Lucky Number
Your Guy Is
How Many Kids?2
How Much He Loves You: 88%
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Ok Last on i swar. One question who is Kuroto Buer ?

Who are your Gundam Seed relatives? by cheeser_11
BrotherKira Yamato
SisterLacus Clyne
BoyfriendKuroto Buer
RivalNikkoru Amarfi
GundamBuster Gundam (GATX-103)
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