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Sunday, August 14, 2005

   Life's great!

áPiece of mindá

I guess I'm just updating so that no one will have the impression I jumped off a cliff somewhere. This song...its an actual non professional recording...I remembered...we used to have times like this often, where we'd play the piano, sing, and play pool. Those were good times. I tried to visit as many sites as possible. Sometimes though, I'd only have time for one or two and at others, something would be wrong with the site and I wouldn't be able to visit any. I'm making an effort though... What can I say? Summer is summer. Summer is busy. I come home late and I leave early. Summer nights are cool...you'd think that they'd be humid. I'd come home late and I'd stay out on the balcony. It just feels so good to be out here at night. Just something about it. Everything is just going wrong. Everything is so hectic and all I can do is wait for it to straighten out, but what if that never happens? I'm tired of all of this. That's why I have to keep myself busy. Busy to stop think of all of this. That's what the balcony is for...some place where I can just sit and rest and feel the breeze. I remember one night a few nights ago, while sitting out on the balcony I saw some roses. They reminded me of my mom because she loves roses and when I saw the roses it also reminded me of this light see-through bag that my mom has. It's full of some dried stuff that smells like flowers. So instead of sleeping, I spent the whole night, making this:

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for my mom. What am I supposed to do with it? I don't even know. Am I supposed to spray it with something? Does it just dry up and smell like something? I don't know. I just know that it kept me busy and for a moment I thought of nothing.

I was working on some manga ideas before...then I kind of had no time for it anymore. Now I'm not so sure what it was about. I knew that I should've written down my ideas. Maybe later, I'll try to make some pages of manga in my spare time (whenever that may be) and I'll post it up ok? For now I think I'll just stay here on the balcony and take a nap.


TM tHoUgHtZ oF bLuE


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