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Sunday, August 7, 2005


áPiece of mindá

Thank you guys for not forgetting me and commenting. I tried to go to some sites for whatever time would allow me. I feel so bad that I missed alot of birthdays this summer. A few friends called me to go to one of my friend's birthday but I couldn't make it. some other ones were ones I were able to go to last year, but I guess things have changed. I feel so bad that I also couldn't celebrate my uncle's birthday this year. He called me on his birthday to ask if my siblings and I would be able to go eat lunch with him on his birthday or do something, and so I told him I'd see what I can do about it, so he said he'd wait at my house. Without knowing the time after I knew that I had nothing left to do I rushed home...speeding...though my mom tells me not to, cause I wanted to get back in and time and see if I could take my uncle out for a movie or at least dinner, b ut by the time I got home, my uncle was gone and it was already 11:28pm I felt so bad I couldn't do anything. I was so busy I didn't even noticed the sun went down. Then I did the only thing i could do, work it off the next day. I just hope that I can celebrate at least one of my friend's birthdays...which is tomorrow, and so I hope that I am as free as I think I'm going to be...

haha life is always like this for me. I don't know if my fortune means that my life will be interesting to others or to myself. I can't decipher the fortune.

My life's like this...

I can have a seizure at any moment

awww...I think I'm late for something...I got to go. checking out sites later? I hope


TM tHoUgHtZ oF bLuE


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