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Saturday, June 18, 2005


áPiece of mindá

Wow...so I guess it's summer break. It's funny because I still feel like I have school this coming Monday. I guess not though...considering the fact that school is out for the time being. I guess this means that I can work on some drawings, but my summer is pretty busy, so I might not be as prolific as others.

I went to graduation yesterday. Nothing much...I stood on stage handing out diplomas. I wanted to be a part of the junior honor guard, but I didn't write an essay because I was tired from doing other things. Oh well, but some people said that it was much more of an honor to actually be on stage and give out the diplomas...I don't know...it sure didn't feel like an honor to me.

I'm so lucky I didn't wear my glasses on stage. I was just standing there on the stage, and no teacher or students or anyone important(part of the ceremony) was on stage but the audience still took lots of pictures...i saw so many flashes it made me temporarily blind. Everywhere I looked someone was taking a picture...*sigh*...I won't be surprised if some of my pictures are online...today...

must find passport...yeah...but I'm still going to make movies and try to hang out with my friends before going...places...oh, and for the CosPlay, I was thinking about daisuke hair...when someone asked me what kind of hair style seemed "evil" I automatically thought DNAngel, but although Daisuke isn't bad, I thought why not have his hair...HAHA

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well...now that summer's here, I'll try to hang out with my friends...maybe now i won't be as busy because we're on break...I hope not...because...friendships are like photographs...we take them, develope them, and it will only last as long as we take care of them.

It's always fun to just hang out
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TM tHoUgHtZ oF bLuE


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