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Monday, June 13, 2005

ok ok

áPiece of mindá

...ok i know...so it was childish of me to want to go on break all of a sudden because my art sucks...this time I'll take all of your advice...I won't go on break for so long cause my art sucks...I'll be here ^^...and work on my art at the same time...

Thank you

Oh...haha...by the way, I'll have to go on break anyway for the rest of this week because I have midterms/finals, whatever you would like to call it, and I have several meetings to attend throughout the week before summer break, and to top it off, I have graduation to practice for...no...I'm not graduating, I'm only a junior, but I'm going to be shaking hands and handing out diplomas etc on stage...BUSY BUSY BUSY...eh...nothing new from my life...

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study study study

;_; i never knew people cared


TM tHoUgHtZ oF bLuE


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