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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A long time pretention

I didn't manage to be active to this because of my studies and maybe because of laziness.

By the way, a year had past and there was so many events came. I now inactive in the choir. I really missed them alot but i still don't like to join them. I maybe selfish but in my mind, I don't want to serve God with sadness whenever I see them.

These past few months I've gain friends. I can't say all of them are "true" friends but I'm glad that a few of them learned to appreciate me. Most of them
were guys expectedly. Expectedly because my course was a more of a guy type of course - engineering. I shifted. from being BS Computer Engineering, I've transfered to BS Electronic and communication engineering. I shifted because of the fact that BS ECE has more opportunities to have a job because of its licensure exam or what we called board. Hopefully, I could go on to that.

Most of my subjects were for forth year and because I'm irregular, I could take it. I'm still 2nd year now
but I'm glad that my subjects are lessen when I reach my 4th year.

I wish all will turn out well- in studies as well as my social life. (sigh)

EMOTION: Empty, hopeless romantic =(

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