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Hidy Ho! This is Rosewolf and I'm coming at ya from the east coast. I've been a memeber on this site for 2 years! I really love anime, manga, and asian culture. I am 18 and in college! woo7! Look around and give my guestbook a hello! *hugs* tootles!


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Thursday, November 30, 2006

   Don't Hurt Me
Well Hello everyone! How are you all today? I hope doing good. Well I am back and hopefully with be on alittle bit more now but I am not a good blogger and all that. I've been slowly putting up ecards so check them out!

Well I did graduate! I am now going to school for my Associates in Interpreter Education which is ASL. It is very interesting and I LOVE it!

I am still the biggest anime fan ever but my taste is in the more less popular. I love NANA and I have started to watch Live Action movies of animes and mangas I know.
Also here in NC we have a great anime shop that has anime for really cheap only 8 bucks a cd. It is fan-subed but the guy that does it is very good. I promise. So if you are interested pm me and i'll give you his url or e-mail.

well i know this is short but i'm back! So much fun right? haha. Well gotta go and get ready for class! *hugs and kisses*

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

   Happy V-DAy
Hey everyone! I hope you all have a good Valentines Day even if you aren't with someone b/c tomarrow all the candy is gonna be on sale!
Well I wanted to put up that I have a myspace account now! So you can all message me there!


Have a great day! *hugs to all*

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   Friday Eve Morning
Hello everyone! Long time no type! So how is everyone? I am fine I guess. Nothing big going on here. So last night I had this really werid dream. After awaking up b/c of some rain i feel back to sleep and when I did, I dreamt that I forgot my pants at school, and no one really noticed but I had a pair in my locker. and then I was on an old boat house but just with like a big covered square in the middle; not really a house. I was with an old man and we where their for days. I could tell he was horny when I hugged him (b/c he looked sad) and i felt a bulge. Then he saw a rat running across and grabed it and split it in half and shoved one peice in my mouth. I spit it back out and I looked ahead and saw one of those high way bridges. So I remembered that I had my cardboard that I used for my velevet marker poster with me and on the board I wrote "Help Us!" and then my cell number..dont ask why my cell number but i did. Then I was out on alittle peice of this floating board and I went on one side of the bridge and held up the sign. Finally a guy on his cell phone rode by and saw me..he pulled over. I cuoldn't hear what he was saying so i just pointed to the sign. He was still talking to the other person on the phone. Then it sorta switched to a documentary interview and this scientist was talking about how everyone died..that the captain died b/c of greed and his right hand man b/c of him. and then the old man died b/c he eat the rat and it had a disease. and then the person said that no one lived over 4 days after the event ended b/c of diseases and no food.

So that was my dream. Alittle werid but ok i guess...nothing too bad. I think I got the different people from reading a bit about the Canterbury tales and the character's involved in it. welp *hugs* to everyone! Tootles all!

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

   Family Breaking Apart
Hello everyone. Long time no write right? haha Well it is good to see that everything is in a positive change around here. Dagger is gonna be great I just know it! Well alot has been happening. At school, I talked to my counselor and the lady for the tech college will be coming in the next week or so. I'll turn in my application for that and my transcript. I have a 2.9 GPA so far and I'm 92 out of 213 which is also good. School is starting to drag and I just want to graduate. I am ordering my gown and cap now with all my inventations. I can't wait to go to college. I am going to try for the Physical Therapist Assitant.
Work: work isn't bad, some ppl are gonna be leaving soon. I now I will answer everyone's question about PetsMart. It is now not going to be Pets-Mart but Pet-Smart! We are changing everything now. We even have some sappy commercails! haha
Adam: Well Adam and I have been together for 5 months now. Oct. 1 will be our 6 months! Half of a year! That is great, I really like him. He is sooo special to me and I don't think I'll ever let him go. He is too special to me.
Home: the part of the day I dread is when I have to go home. Though I only dread this when both my mom and my sister are there. Mom and Sis had a really big fight last night and Sis left the house. They where fighting over financail stuff, since the bank took money out of my mom's bank account to pay back Sis's det (sp?). Well they took like 500 out of mom's account and mother was sooo mad. Sis gave her 220 dollars but mother threw it back at her and said that she doesn't want her money b/c it shouldn't of happened in the first place. I think sister is gonna kill herself soon. Life is too hard for her, so she'll hurt herself. Father will be coming home in the next couple of weeks. I think he'll be sad to see how we've fallen apart. I miss my dad. I miss life how it was.
So this has been my life for the past weeks. I have been reading some manga. Honey Mustard, isn't bad. Not great but ok. I am also reading Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts. That is hiliarous! ^^ Well peace out ppl! I think I'll make some e-cards soon! *hugs*

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   The Most Awsomeness ^0^
Today was a good day. ^^ A very good day. School went pretty good today. Chemistry is still boring b/c the teacher is alittle slow. All my other classes went great! Today we had a graduation orientation. I put in my order for my cap and gown. But the best part about today was that it was Adam and Mine 5 month Anniversery! Ok, so this is great for me that after 5 months, my relationship isn't in a total failure. So I got him some clothes and guess what he got me?! Some sweet smelling roses(or carnations always get confused)! they are sooo beautiful!

In other news, I am not sure if I told everyone this but I got a pacman frog last week. He is soooo cute and still small. About the size of a half dollar. I got some food for him today. But I am reading a new manga called Honey Mustard. Not sure about it yet. So I'll tell ya'll about that alittle later. But I wanted to write that! ^0^ So tootles everyone!

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