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Friday, June 23, 2006

Strawberry Hair Conditioner Bottles Can Be Vicious
Yes indeed, they can be, if they are in the mood. But I was victorious, even though according to my special someone I'm apathetic, naÔve, spoiled, and never think anything through; I do have enough gumption in me to beat a conditioner bottle into submission. Woe to any other inanimate object that gets in my way. Go me, in my bitter ranting-ness.

I'm thinking of creating a livejournal-thingie just so I can rant and rave to my hearts content, without regretting it later (as I do regret it when I spew my anger on sites that are under my already established internet identity). Now I just need a wonderfully deep or totally random account name. Hmm. I'll ponder that some more.

Been a bit since I updated, and posted. Well, as you can see from the above, life has been...interesting. Yes, we'll go with that word. It covers so very much.

Since I'm here, might as well throw up some of the doodles in my sketchbook for your perusal. I like to think my doodling skills have improved. I'll try to hit some sites too.

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