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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Want me to help you enjoy that?
Happy Peanut Song
Over chocolate covered mountaintops
And waterfalls of caramel
Prancing nouget in the meado
Sings a song of satisfaction
Too the world.....

hahaha.... I love that commercial. So yesturday I had work... (12-5 whoop dee doo) Then Afterwards I got to go to the "3rd Annual Bunton Rd Block Party". So Basically I got to hang out with a bunch of older folks I barely know, and joke around the the ones I do. (people who live down my road..) It was pretty fun... even though my little brother was driving me crazy by time it was over. T.T;..... And I got free home made food, which is always yummy.

Oh yeah, if you didnt hear... I made it... 10,000 Hit. All thanks to you guys out there! ^-^ (ps, the banner is cute... I think you should look at it just because of that)

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