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It seems that you have somehow stumbled upon my site.I thank you for visiting whether it was out of curiosity of who commented on fanart or if I asked you to visit by PM ing.
okay now to me...I am a HUUUGE fullmetal alchemist fan..I mean seriously..i am a complete and total nerd of FMA and im obsessed with it.JOIN ME FELLOW FMA FANS!!!!JOIN ME IN THE FORCES OF FMA NESS!!!!!If you do not join me I WILL KILL YOU WITH A SPOON!!!haha...okays...my second favorite anime is Ghost in the shell and mt third favorite is chrono crusade,,which im pretty sure most of you haven't heard of...(chrono crusade i mean).
uhh..anyways...ill have to let you know that i am really hyper and i have enough energy to power the entire city of Tokyo for all of eternity..and I also like really random stuff.ALL YOU RANDOM/HYPER PEOPLE OUT THERE:I LOVE YOUUU!!!!haha..
i love fpoons...i also cant wait till october cuz the FMA movie is coming out!!!YAAAAYYYY!!!ORT!!!
i have a horrrible secret....i will tell you.....i am an orksnarf..OHHH HORRRRRIBLE!!!!
hahahahahahahaaha.ummm what else is there to tell about myself?

Friday, June 2, 2006

   okay I forgot to tell you all..
In 1 or 2 days I'm going to change my account.
To all the people who are on my friends list I will mail you my new statistics cuz I don't know what name I can grab!
Lov you all!!!

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My friend who has been my friend for a bit now has joined theotaku!!!!! YAY!!!! Her site is Izumi Harnet. there isn't much on her site yet but I could tell her to put some stuff up!!! Check it out!!!!
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

   very very sleepy...
hey there my loyal readers!!!! I'm almost to 80 total visits!!! YAY!!!I'd like to thank you for visiting!!!
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hello my dear visitors!!! I ve been gone from home for like 4 days now!! I went camping then stayed at a friends house!!! Anysways I am never planning on putting my stupid comics up cuz its too much trouble to finish them on the comp. so scratch the last few posts i put about them! Love, Zolf
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Friday, May 26, 2006

   Hey Yo!!
HALLUJUHA!!!!Yesterday was the last day of school for me!!!YAY!!!!
I have a load of new fanart that should be showing up anytime now in my portfolio so keep an eye out for it!!!!

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

   i'm gettin' there!
NOW FINALLLY SOME OF MY NEW E CARDS HAVE MADE IT IN.CHECK THEM OUT!!!!and im getting more guestbook signs!YAYAY!!!people love me!!!!!hhhhhha!And i love everyone who loves me so THERE!!!!Im really hyper!i had mt.dew(Aka.sugar rush in a can)everyone i finally figured out how to get an icon1YAY!!!i love my icon too!!!GTG its almost middy night!!!!good night squeeeplez!!!!
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