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Goodnight Julia-Cowboy Bebop
My name is Kifo (it is a nickname, people) and I am a freshman in college (yeah!!). Been here on MyOtaku since 2005, but my site was accidently deleted so I had to start over. I am mysterious and quiet when I want to be. But I can be outgoing and crazy when you get to know me better. I like dark things, such as dark angels, vampires, ghost, zombies, as well as light. I like to talk about music, anime, manga, art, books, etc. a lot so be ready for it. I love R&B. Jrock is now trying to conquer my brain cells with its sexiness.
My backgrounds will mostly be Jrock, soul, R&B, or rock artists and musicians. Also, I am still learning how to make sites and stuff. So PLEASE donít ask me about that stuff. But you can help me on it if you like. I have some rules to give to you.
Here are the basic rules:
1. No curse words will be used against fellow MyOtaku friends
2. Donít add me as friend unless you plan to be a FRIEND
3. I made this site for everyone to enjoy. Donít offend me or anyone else.
4. Please comment my posts. I like to know how you feel.
5. I love giving advice. Donít be afraid to come to me with a problem. I wonít judge.
6. Last but not least, show respect to others and donít send long, annoying PMs because I probably wonít read it.
Other than that, all is cool with me. Enjoy my site. Hope to hear from you all. Rock On!!!
~Angel with broken wings~

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I Luv Tora!!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

   Update....Sorry for the delay.....

I went back to school and forgot to check on you. I been busy lately. I have life drawing, math, and english. What was the fucking point of taking those classes in high school when I have to take it again? Anywho, I missed you guys....I hope you all are doing great. Ummm....I am going on a cruise next week. My mom is so excited about it that she bothers each day just to tell me how many days are left until we go. I will miss some classes, but I don't care. I need a break....well, that is all that is happening in my life. Talk to you later.
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