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Hi and thank you for visiting my site! what am i like?

i'm usually the "different" person in the room. i don't really have a stereotypes to me, except for that and maybe crazy [in a loose sense, though, i might add].
i'm a very caring and empathetic person and will always be there to listen to your problems.

i love alternative music, anime, and drawings. i also love to write stories. i love my friends to death and i thank them for always trying to be there for me!

well, i gotta run, hope you enjoy my site, even though it's not much! i really enjoy making friends, so if you ever want to talk, feel free to pm me!

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A final opinion is of less value
than an appreciation of,
and tolerance for obscurity.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

http://myspacetotal.com/I never go on theOtaku and myOtaku anymore.

but i go on a lot of other websites.
please, tell me your accounts for stuff, and we can keep in touch more.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

http://myspacetotal.com/hey guys. i'm not going to be using this site anymore, but i am on theotaku. if you guys want to talk more, i just got a gaia. i'm confused by it, though XD. anyways, the name's Fallen Fierce. add me.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

http://myspacetotal.com/hey guys. i redid my layout again XP. the one i did before didn't seem to fit my site for me. so, i redid it again XD. now, it's Atreyu and I Am Ghost. it's so hard to find anything of I Am Ghost!

i've been sick for a while. it stinks, really. i had to stay home instead of going to my friend, Aimee's house. also, i started crying because my throat hurt so much.

it's also my vacation, so it's not really fun or content with a horrible sickness.

anyways, message me and stuff!

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