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*~Are we friends~*
*~or are we not?~*
*~You told me once~*
*~But i forgot~*
*~So tell me now~*
*~and tell me true~*
*~so I can say~*
*~I'm here for you~*
*~Of all the friends I've ever met~*
*~Your the one I won't forget~*
*~And if I die~*
*~before you do~ *
*~I'll go 2 heaven~*
* *~And wait 4 you~*
*~I'll give the angels~ *
*~ Back their wings~*
*~And risk the loss~*
*~Of everything~*
*~Just to prove~*
* *~My friendship is true~*
*~To have a friend like YOU!!!~*
*send this to all your friends and back to the person that
sent it to you....If you get it back...... that person is your true friend!!*
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Friday, December 29, 2006

im way 2 worried!!!
no one on msn is connected!!!

i need 2 chat...
please add me!!!...
(i guess no one will... )
anyway here u go:


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   like i always say
again ...its bn like a month or more since the last time i posted...
o any way.... ill just say that im now on summer holidays and from next year i start as a highschooler anint that coolie?im so happy wappy!!
4 years n ill go 2 the university 2 study medicine....
aside that 4 xmas gift my parents gave m money, a happy tree friends mug and A LOT of chocolates....that would be....

i wish you all a happy new year kk?
no more sad faces!! lets all be happy from now !!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Kingdom hearts II: fanfinction<>
Chapter1 : /kissing you in our dreams\

01:30 Am, Traverse Town

The night´s deep melody of silent gets suddenly breaked by the sound of chase

“Wait, Roxas!!”

Even thought the shout was loud, the silk haired boy´s voice sounded so calm and sweet;
like an guardian angel

“Get away!! Stopp following me!!”

“Not until you tell me what were you doing at Namine´s house!! ”

Those words somehow managed to make the boy with golden locks stop his steps for an instant, making the night´s chaser take the chance to grab his arm tightly for not letting him escape.

“Ah! Let go off me!!”

Said the nervous boy as he tried not to have eye contact with his friend, or even face him.

“Explain first: what were you doing there?, why you ran off? And WHY are you avoiding me like this?! Look at me!!”

It was really late and it seemed that both of them were really tired, so that the silk haired one couldn’t realize what had happened between his sharp haired friend and this “Namine” girl.

“roxas, you are acting too weird for my words and look at the time, its 01:36 Am”

Saying that; he placed one hand on the teen´s cheek for making him look at his eyes and not avoid them… but he ended up realizing what had actually happened, or at least get an idea of it.

“Ou! It hurts!!”

“What’s this? You’re bleeding, who made this cut on your face? ”

The boy felt ashamed, making his face turn to a reddish color, was he going to tell him?

“Riku, you know what kind of temper Namine has, don’t you? ”

Both sighted letting their worries fall to the floor for a while before their breaths tensed up once again.

“Well yeah, ofcourse I know; after all she was my girlfriend… but I want to know what made her react THIS way….”

Namine has always been like; If you told her that she´s food tasted bad, you would end up with a knife on your back or even worst. Riku hadn’t been with Namine since two years when she decided to break up for some personal reasons…
Now Riku was 17 and he had plenty of fans at school (including a fanclub ), but he didn’t actually care about that, right now the only thing that mattered him was the reason of his girlfriends acts.


“She called me around… um… an hour ago for coming to hers place…”

“And….? ”

“…And, when I got there she was at her room ´couse she told me she was feeling ill so when I came up to see how sick she actually was, I found her wearing nothing more than a shirt and underwear--”

“What are you telling me she tried to…? ”

“No!! i-i mean… uh.. yeah, kinda… you see she locked up the door and almost forced me to do .. well … THAT! And I refused completely to it because y´know, she´s hot n´all but I don’t like her…”

“Then let me guess; she got relly pissed off and cutted your face with the first thing shes hand founded, right?”


The naïve boy stared at the trrn with silk hair with a smile on his face kinda <> style blushing a little and not noticing how relived was his friend to hear those words coming from him…

ps: its not ready yet sorry, there will be 6 chapters so please enjoy them!!

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Friday, November 10, 2006

like every week im postin´2 u my friends even though my life is really borin...

well ill just say that i got 4 exam in 2 weeks more...
the years final exams...
it will contain all the years test in one...
im so nervous....

all days when i come home i just study study study....


i think ill make cabo---------------m

oh, well no 1 cares really bout this but i do, course...
if i fail this exams ill stay at 8º grade....
that would b a nightmare...
being with kids 1 or 2 years old than u....
who knows if they start calling granny?

*dead silent...*

how depressive...
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Monday, November 6, 2006

geez its a bad day...
once again, i felt embarassed in front of the whole class....well almost;

i was talking with my friends at class because history is 2 boring>___<
so while we were talking and all, a dead silent got surprisily at the class(no wonder how... )
and i talked so loud that everyone heard how much i hated the history teacher!!!!
even the teaches; ofcourse...
he asked m 2 get outside the class and i begged him not 2, i felt so ashmed....i wanted 2 die....

oh + today i almost lowered my math grade(here at my country its from 1,5 to 7,0 )and guess what grade i got?

a 4.0

if i wold had 1 point less, it would b a 3'9 n thats a really bad, grade....

i wanted 2 die......

oh, BTW;
im a great fan of fall out boy, flyleaf and panic! at the disco, as u can see^^

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

its halloween!!
have u guys ur costumes ready?

im sally from the nightmare b4 crhistmas!!!!

im givin candies 2 the lil kids...
their costums r sooooooooooooo qte^^

there was 1 that said :"booo"
(a lil boy round 6 years old, how adorable )

im havin a good time, even though i wot b goin 2ask candy... how embarassing...>__<

well at least i hope u guys have the courage 2 it, cause im acoward ;___·

*sniffle sniffle....*

happy halloween;
"trick or threat"

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