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thank u 4 seeing my site
the books that i have r tokeo
sailormoon,pitaten and chobits i hope u like my site

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Friday, February 22, 2008

   my friend needs help
yall need to pray for my friend but if you dont pray then fill bad for her

my firend she has a promise ring and her girl friend is cheating on her so i fill so bad for her and her dad is going to jail i fill so bad im going to try to help her.

and theres a nuther girl she is pregnet at my school and all she cares about is smoking do you now how bad the world is today its scarey people are doing drugs ever thing its horrible im going to pray very hard for peoploe in the world like that

changing the subject now hehehe. well the drug dog came to my class today and bit my binder and scratchet it and drulled all over my stuff errrrrrrrrrr i was so mad but then my teacher said its kind of funny because the dog chose my stuff to play with i thought ok. it was funny. and then ever one thought i had drugs. i told them no, the drug dog must of smelled my shrimp that i had in my lunch.

hhehehe well that was my day now tell me about your day if it was bad or good

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i hope ever one is doing well
we have thankgiving tomorrow its going to be fun
this week i thought i may catch up in school and look up stuff and read but you no me i do it for 10 min and then say (im going to watch tv)hnehehhehe

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

   i am so happy
ok ok we had volleyball try outs and i made it well i made the call backs and we are going to see who really mad the team tomorrow so wish me luck. i had a veary good friend and she did not make it and i was so sad she was about to cry. she really loves volleyball so yea i tryed calling her but she did not pick up i happy but i am sad too.
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