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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Kirikiri Mai - Kirikiri Mai is a weasel-like creature that is summoned by Temari during the fight with Tayuya. It can fly and carries a sickle that cuts everything in its path. This creature was actually taken straight from Japanese mythology.


Name: Unknown (Referred to as Yondaime)http://www.narutocentral.com/images/content/hok4.gif
Strengths: Speed, Rasengan
Family Members: Naruto Uzumaki (Unprozen)
Students: Kakashi Hayate
Info: Sadly we haven’t seen much of this Konoha legend in action except once in a manga special so most info on him comes from the testimony of other characters in the story. All we really know about him is that he was the Jounin who trained Kakashi and that he was the one who defeated Kyuubi by sealing him inside Naruto’s body. The most dangerous thing about Yondaime was his insane speed gained thanks to his Body Flicker Jutsu (Shunshin no Jutsu). This Jutsu instantly transports him to anyplace he wants, hence the nickname “Yellow Flash of Konoha” and can be used over long distances as long as he knows exactly where he’s going. Another jutsu that Yondaime uses involes special kunais. These kunais are made so wherever they are throw, the 4th Hokage can immediately teleport to its location. This technique is particularly effective on large numbers of enemies; Yondaime will simply distribute his special kunai to ally ninja and tell them to throw them at different targets at the same time, then simply teleport to the location and finish off his opponents. This attack can literally defeats a whole army almost instantly. Yondaime is also one of only three people in the Naruto world able to use the Rasengan, as well as its creator. While we don’t know the peculiars of the Rasengan’s birth, we do know it took Yondaime three years to perfect the technique. Based on Gamabunta’s testimony we also know that Yondaime was able to use the Summoning Jutsu (Kyuichose No Jutsu) to summon frogs just like his teacher. As a last resort Yondaime has the ability to call on the most power and most dangerous Jutsu that he himself created, the Demonic Soul Seal (Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin), the Jutsu that sealed Kyuubi inside Naruto. This Jutsu allows the user to call upon a Shikigami or “Death God” which joins with the actions of the user. Shikigami reaches into an outline of a soul in front of him which is actually the user. When the user grabs the victim, the Shikigami extends his hand through the soul outline and comes out from the stomach of the user. The Shikigami’s hand goes into the enemy's stomach where from it literally rips the soul out. After the soul is pulled back into the user, the user says "Fuuin" (Seal) this completes the seal of the soul in the user's body. This can be used until the user runs out of energy, and since it is a sealing Jutsu, there is a price. The user pays the price with his life, which death devours. The souls of both the user and the target are kept in the belly of the Shikigami, and will suffer for all eternity in the belly of the Shikigami never gaining release, hating each other and battling for all of eternity. However in the 4th’s case he somehow moved Kyuubi’s soul into Naruto’s body instead of into the Shikigami’s stomach, it is presently unknown exactly how he accomplished this, but it’s a good thing he did.


Doujutsu - Doujutsu techniques are performed by the eye. It reads Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu techniques and defeats them. People who perform Doujutsu techniques are usually geniuses. The Sharingan is considered a Doujutsu technique.

Hijutsu - Hijutsu techniques are special techniques limited to those who either came from a clan or is the only person that can perform it. Bloodline limits are considered Hijutsu techniques.

Kinjutsu - Kinjutsu techniques are techniques illegal and outlawed by the Kages. Kinjutsu techniques are extremely strong and can cause huge damage. If it is mastered by the wrong person; a whole village could be in severe jeopardy.


Genjutsu - Genjutsu techniques are mostly illusionary techniques. These techniques cause the opponent to hallucinate and make them think that they see things that are not really there. Genjutsu type techniques are great to use when you are trying to escape or confuse the opposition. While your opponent is confused, you can attack without them knowing where you are.

Ninjutsu - Ninjutsu is the art of making hand seals and kneading chakra to perform a jutsu (technique). When you make the appropriate hand seal, your desired technique comes forth! Performing Ninjutsu techniques require full concentration and if interrupted, it will not work. It only takes a few seconds to successfully execute a Ninjutsu technique. Ninjutsu is probably the most used attack type out of the three main categories.

Taijutsu - Taijutsu is hand-to-hand combat.
Taijutsu techniques are much faster and complex than other techniques. Taijutsu slowly tires and wears down the opponent. To use Taijutsu to its full effect, you have to train and push your body to its limit. Many people are not willing to do this which is why Taijutsu is the least favored of the 3 main categories. The only person who really dedicated to Taijutsu is Rock Lee, who is unable to perform any Genjutsu or Ninjutsu techniques.




Friday, August 25, 2006


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Friday, August 18, 2006

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