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konnichiwa! my name or rather nickname is rinoa/cat/alex/sango/ taeko! INUYASHA! i am seriously insane & i have no insurance so please proceed with caution. most of the time i am extremely bored so i am giving u a fair warning. but i don't bite often. ZERO BARS!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

   Been awhile
Hey guys!
It's been awhile! Gosh there sure have been a lot of changes to the O! Megacon was great and I'm officially a high school graduate. I have a boyfriend who loves me and I love him. What else? Let's see...I got accepted into one of the top private art colleges in the country but sure enough it's going to cost me my soul to get there! And all fellow otaku's know that when you are an otaku, you condemn yourself to remain perpetually broke! LOL. Anyway, I hope everything is going well for the rest of you! Special shout out to Fantasy Hearts and Lord Sesshoumaru and NekoVampLuna! Love ya guys!
Much Love, Rinoa~*

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hey Guys!
With Megacon 2008 and the debut of my Seymour Guado cosplay only a month away, I have posted the pictures of my progress but not enough to give too much away! ;) Be sure to check it out! BTW, today I finished my first video game ever, Kingdom Hearts after four determined years of playing. I actually cried from how beautiful the ending was! I got the 100 percent.
Anyway, when I finally debut my costume at Megacon, I'll post more pics. Until then!
Much Love, Rinoa~*

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