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Hello all... I'm rinku726 slash michiru726 on some sites. You can call me Pam btw... i'm 15 turning 16 this coming August.

I like drawing, playing video games, watching tv (that's out of the question =3), dawdling the hours away staring into nothingness, listening to music, surfing the net, and most profoundly of all is the almighty-bed-beckoning sleeping. :F

you can find me most on different forums... though i hardly maintain my level of activity nowadays... i'm getting ready for College so most of the time I'm busy... but no worries, i drop in once in a while to update~! =^-^=

so.... yeah, that's about it... hope we can all be good friends~!! *huggles*

Saturday, April 7, 2007

   Yurikamome CLOSED!!

So this is the second DDoS attack, and unfortunately yurikamome can't continue its existence. Our ISP asked to stop the server, because the attack was causing disturbance to other subscribers in the same network with our server. If this attack happen again in the future, our ISP will break the contract.

For current subscribers, please be patient. Currently we have signed another account, though with the same ISP, and hopefully will be up by next month. Then the server will open exclusively for you, so you can download for the remaining quota. The new domain will be announced later via email.

Once again, thank you very much for supporting us, and farewell.


This isn't happening!! @O@

but still it is. T^T

Help revive our online manga/anime/drama haven!! Please sign the "Save Yurikamome Petition":



Yurikamome is a site wherein you can read manga online. You can also download mangas, anime, and dramas from their massive server; however, you must be active in the forum to do this. those hackers ought to be ashamed of their selves!! ><""

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

   I've made a monk friend!! wheeee...
hahaha... well, not really a full time monk, in short, a part-time one. well we can't expect a 16-17 y/o student have his head shaved and work in temples while going to school as well, can't we? lol... it's "THE WARRIOR MONK" Sir Kedar. i've met him on a forum i go to... i'll just use his first name for a little privacy... ^^;;

and then i thought the so-called WARRIOR MONK was just a title...... it turns out that he really does go to temples during his break. o_o

i idolize sir kedar... all hail! oh, wait.... scratch that... he doesn't like to be worshiped... so as the ways of the monk probably would say..... ^-^;; anyhow, he's a total badass monk!! why?? because believe it or not, HE'S THE GUITARIST OF THEIR SCHOOL BAND AND IS THE CAPTAIN OF THEIR SOCCER and BASEBALL TEAM! and he's not just all-looks, he also tutors students in Chemistry!
OMG... i said that if i had met him earlier last year, i would've filled his inbox with tons of Chemistry questions... lmao... i soooooo idolize him. yeah, that's why forum girls go gaga over him... aside from his wicked badass comments, Kedar-style. not to mention that he also has a fanclub in his school that started last 2003. lol...

he said once his brother have recorded their own composed songs (10 tracks) he'll send them to me via PM. i can't wait to hear an originally composed J-ROCK music, straight from the band member!! he also said that he wanted to be a singer of a j-rock band... so pressumingly, he has this talent in singing too? iunno... but i guess he does! anyways... i said if he were to be successful someday, i would head to Kyoto and find a popular singer-slash-guitarist of a j-rock band!

he actually talks funny... he has this a bit weird lingo a little less like Shakespeare... lol... not really funny, but rather amusing... because they are all deep and witty... he has really good english, being a japanese...

and if you can, find a monk friend too~! they are easy to approach and really friendly... it's worth it... ^-^

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

i'm getting dizzier and dizzier by the minute~!! it's sooooo friggin' hot on this part of the earth~!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyy does it have to be frying on the Philippines~!! waaahh.... T___T

anyways... i'm making a new drawing... it's a fairy this time... as requested by my mother, who may i say, is deeply addicted to ethereal beings... lol... i'll keep you guys updated on it's progress~! ^__^

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