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Hello My Name Is Stevie, But You can Call Me Ringo 8D

I'm 13 Years Old And Currently Living In Canada New Brunswick, *Born And Raised*

I Have A Love For Anime And Art, :D And I Come From A Long Line Of Family Members That Have An Obesseion W/ Art! Anyway, Enjoy My Site! Why Not take A Gander At My Art??



I Love God With All My Heart, I Have Faith In Him. If You Have A Problem With That, I Don't Care >:3

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes, I'm thinking of comeing back to the O.
>3> Though I don't really know my way around here, I'm sure I'll figure it out.

If anyone has 'Lost' Me, I'm on dA


<3 Teehee

Leave me a comment here, and dA [if you have an account lulz]

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear God. RINGO got in a FIGHT Dx
Well, Like the subject says above, I indeed got into a fight with this girl o_O;

Um, Well we exchanged a few words, and this girl is incredible obese..O_O

Anyway, she was pushing my bottons the other day, and (knowing me, I won't take shit from nobody) and its pretty hard to piss me off. O_O

But she was calling me names and threatening to punch me and sit on me. XD she sat on me. XD

But, then she hit me really hard, and the teachers came and like. Took us to the office (RINGO IS A SCHOOL OFFICE VIRGIN XD!) so, this was my very first time.

And the teachers treat you like your some kind of criminal. o-O

So My consequence is that I'm In TSPC (Its a room where you remain silent and think about what you have done and do alotta schoool work while a cruel ass teacher stands over your back -__-)
AND her and I haft to go to watch a presentation about girls and how they fight and bully. D=
Ringo's Done It NOW DXX


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Everything Ok, Now with Kaitlyn. x3

She Still won't take the poem down. XD Oh well.
:[ Theres nothing I can do. It'll pass.
I'm just gonna advertise that poem belongs to someone else.

I'm sorry but stealing isn't right.

It hurts me when Kait is sad, shes such a special person ^^; Good person. And shes a good friend, but both Renee, and Kaitlyn, need to learn how to forgive and forget. I always forgive someone no matter what. To an extent XD.

And this is what hates does to you:
My brother, his heart consumed with hate agaist me. why? He takes his anger out on me.
He remember EVERYTHING i've ever done to him when I was a kid. Like teasing bugging. Fighting.

My friends, are very unforgiving for little stuff.
its almost like, i killed a loved one of theres, that how much hate I get. o.o
Just for being me. And I like to do the right thing. And I kinda spoil everything. -__-

But anyway, Good thing there not too unforgiving.
I love them very much.
Heck! I love everybody!!



I got my hoodie
and i'll take a picture of it VERY soon XD


Shes Fuckin' awesome XD

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