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Hi what's up? I'm Selina. I love Kingdom Hearts!! ^_^d For all of you other KH fans out there, I have an account on youtube; the username is the same and I specialize in KH AMVs and random videos.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Check it Out

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Yay for me :D

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   Break's over
Finally back at school (I use finally only for because I haven't been here in forever). So I went to Florida the first week of break. Went to Busch Gardens one day and to the beach a lot. I collected many pretty shells there ^_^ The second week, I made a few new AMVs, and saw some movies (The Kite Runner and National Treasure 2) which I very much enjoyed both. I can't believe how warm it is out. But since it is January, that has to mean something wrong is with the world. I think it was about 64 degrees today. Did anyone do fun things over the holidays? Get good gifts?
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

*Still can't think of a stupid subject . >=(*

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   *screw subjects, you don't always need them*

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Yay, I... suppose...

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Monday, December 3, 2007

On another note (for Axel fans!!)
I have been writing an Axel fanfic for any fangirls interested ^_o You can find these on quizilla.com under my username, mimiminni. People seem to like it, so if you like Axel, I'd appriciate you taking the time to read it.
Also, there is one for Fakir from Princess TuTu as well.

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   Yay!! ^_^
I entered an AMV contest called the Axelrific AMV Contest II and my vid got 3rd place!! I was so pleased when I found out :) I it's embedded on here and it's on the last (or second to last) page of posts. So please watch it if you have a moment.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Back from Break
I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I spent mine with my dad, stepmom, brother, grandparents and about 45 people I didn't know that didn't speak my language.
Reason - My stepmother is from Peru and we went to her family's house for Thanksgiving. They invited many of their friends and I felt really awkward not being able to (fully) understand them. Level 2 Spanish can only get you through so much of a conversation.
But the break in general was fun. I got to ride the train there and back with my grandparents and we (me, my stepmom and my gramma) saw 'Enchanted' which I myself thought was pretty great.
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How was everyone else's holiday's??

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