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Friday, August 24, 2007

IM BACK!!!!!


Wow. Well to start off I began school again as a Senior, which pretty much means easy classes and early release. I love it so far and the best part about it is that I get to use the internet here at school. This means I can now update posts, comment, and meet new people. That and I'm also going to complete the layout for my other myO site; angeldrifter. Im thrilled! =D

Im glad to be back and I hope I'll be getting more visitors and hopefully future myO friends! So I know I've taken a long break, but I'm back and I'm here to stay! W00T!

(friends I need buttons!)



About Me

  • Name:Kai
  • Age:17
  • Location:Nebraska US
  • Interests:I love to draw, write books, play soccer, hang out with my friends. =D
  • Hobbies:drawing, playing soccer....lots more but pretty much a snore! ZzZz
  • This isnt my 1st MyO site! Im no n00b. My other site is angel drifter! My rank was #23. But I felt like I needed a change, start over! Cool!


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