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I go by Riho on the net. I'm a crazy fangirl (not really) and I'm obsessed (not so much) for anime and manga. Manga interests me more, but I like them both. I collect both too, except anime I just download and burn it like crazy so i can rewatch a series or just to open up space on my drive. Manga, I've got BOOK SHELVES worth. If ya need a recommendation, I can mostly likely help. I won't brag about how many mangas I have, I'll letcha mind come up with a number. But let's just say it's a lot.

I'm pretty new to this whole thing...First time I'm actually 'getting into' one of these kinds of sits and actually submitting my wallpapers here. I hope yall like 'em, btw.

What better way to seperate thing then with banners? I didn't make these, but I'll make me own later and use them. For now, just feast ya eyes on these hot banners/sigs.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Manga Connections
After using much of my time, I've finally updated my website to a new layout of Takuto from Full Moon Wo Sagashite! I'm excited because now I've got my wallpapers, my PNGs, avatars, and so on on my site now with a nice new layout. I'm very pleased with it and myself. ^-^ STOP BY SOMETIME!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Right now I'm having some difficulties with the stupid background Image...though I'm just gonna take a guess and assume it doesn't repeat the pic...>.> Hmm...Well for you who care (which is probably no one yet haha.) I've got another wallie up. It's in MiscAnime since...theOtaku doesn't have a Nightwalker section. Bleh... I sent a lot of time on this wallie just because I love how Riho looks in it. So pretty and kind and sad and...ah, it's just a good pic of her. *shrug* Now dun get me wrong...I'm not into girls or anything o.o...I'm just a big fan of her. So there ya have it! Another wallie up and runnin' for yalls joy.

I'm also havin' some trouble deciding if I wanna put avatars I made at the beginning of each of my posts or if I wanna put these little Gundam Seed Character animal thingies...I guess ya wouldn't know what I mean so, here's an example of one:

If you don't know who that is...I feel sorry for ya... >.>

That's all I've got for now. Adios till next time I feel like posting! *cheers*

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

   First Post!

Weee! My first post! I probably won't keep up with this or care too much about it, but I thought I might as well have fun and do something while I wait for my CDs to finish burnin'.

First of all, along with MAKING this...place, I've also uploaded two wallpapers...though I'm not sure if ya can get to them from 'here' so...uh...good luck findin' them! xD

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