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Hello and Welcome to my domain!! Im the nice and awesome *ya right* owner!! i own again like i said..and i love it..its my own personal Space..my haven on earth! well i guess it is..that is anyways...so yesh..welcome look around see what you like? take it..i don't mind..just make a comment on my site..thats all i fricken ask! ok Fine! its settled then! see that was easy wasn't it? well ya..uhh..have funn look around comment like crazy..you can also double comment if you like...its all up to you the Vistors and FriendS!

Melissa <~ The OWner!
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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Ahh yes!! and i Have some stuff!! Pictues!!! Don't know of what i just found them! i'll add the site that i found them at so don't worry, if you like the picture you'll get the side that i found them at!!! YEA!!!! lucky for you..you don't need to find them unlike i did...oh and if you have any sites that YOU! think i should check out just tell me i like Web surfing!!! and i love pictureS!!! so yesh!! OH WITH THE PICTUES!!!!
oh i think i should make a Clan...what do you all think? should i? i'll make banners...uhh...buttons...crazy stuff like that..well that is only if ONLY If you get other people to join in...but untill then its a idea in progress...but ya..so next time im on..i'll post some pictues!! so opps...what i said earlier about pictues..was a...hoax? nope..i just lied..so ya..hold your horses..im getting everything ready!!!

Ps...Comment Your Thoughts!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Welcome To my Domain!
Well hello again!! I have a sudden urge to add stuff...like pictures...and all sorts of stuff...do you wanna know what i plan...i bet you do..well you'll have to wait im still thinking up som awesome stuff!! so don't worry Melissa here *thats me* won't disapoint...so hold on my sites gonna be one bumpy ass ride! but ya..hmm..right now im trying to add some awesome butt music..i wanna take a poll but not to many people come her anymore..which is saddening...i wanna have more people to come to my run of the mill corner site...>.< don't ask why im using weird terms...i just happen to talk that way sometimes..crazy huh? but yes i'll update on my new pictures and what ever else im able to add!! see ya ta ta for now!!

Yours Truely,

Up Date On HOld!!! For the Time Being!
~ Ok for one
:More Week to Week updates
:Prized when im around to making them
:Drawn Pictures at my friend request
:A different Theme Almost everyweek
:Friends will be able to make request of what kind of themes including Cursors,Music,Wallpaper Etc.

That is All for today!! come back offtent to get what im trying to do!!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Well Hello Everyone!
well well this has been a long time hasn't it? well it has..and you all have missed so much..and your getting a full update on my life in general first off.....IM BECOMING A 10TH GRADER NEXT YEAR!! yesh that right you hurd it, cause i said it!! yep..finally im no longer a freshmen!! im so happy!! waahhhaaa!!! But ya thats not all..its just the tip of the iceburg and never let me said that again..i sound like my mom..and thats not good..nope it isn't!!! lol..but ya i have missed everyone!! which makes me sad i haven't been hear in ages yet people still came!!! makes me sad in a weird way!! but ya..so how are ya'll!! hopefully goood!!!!! but ya..so im grouneded!!! ya..its a long story but i'll put that in another post..it'll be long..but ya..my mom went off of the hook..she took it to far..even other people agree..see went to far..it was a small thing..but ya..so its summer break and im screwed..i have a allgery to grass..ya you hurd it GRASS!! i cannot go outside unless i take my medcine!!! and i alwayd forget it!! lol but ya..and my sister after i got home from the doctors poped her knee out of frecken place!!! right after i got home!! so she cannot walk unless she has a walker or crutches...lol...i call her gimpy..but thats because shes my sister..well i called my friend gimpy..and i told her to race the other kid...they did..it was really funny..you'd have to be their..but ya...she won!!! i was cheering her on...lol she was like i love you melissa you make being gimpy fun!!! i was like ok right funn...person i have some bets on ya...and you needed to win!! lol just kidding i couldn't do that or could i? nope..but ya....i've been stuck in the house....i wanna go swimming..but i can't..we have no pool....which sucks im hot.....and need water!! i could live in it..if i was able to...but ya...im bored..and i haven't been on Otaku..i've been on Gaia..if you know what tha place is..its really awesomE!! my name on their is ~albel)the_Wicked~ you sould pm me..if you want to that is!! lol but its a really awesome site!! you get to have a cute avi!!! but ya..so uhh..what else..theirs more..oh uhh.. HAPPY 4 OF JULY!! its comming soon im so happy..but Michigan donsn't allow thoes really big awesome ones..im so mad..i love them..ok thier loud and hurt my hears eaily..i love them still...wowo this is really long isn't it? but ya..i think i leave you with my boring..yet intresting words..buhbye my Beloved Fans *just kidding unless you are which would be SOO COOL!!!**


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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Mini Update!
Hey hey sorry for my lazyness again!! god i need a reminder to pOST!! well anyway how is everyone i HOPE GOOD!! no need for bad days!! well ya...its been cold here...it snowed a few times AND ITS APRIL!! SPRING!! well i guess that Michigan for ya!~ but ya..i wanna move to California...i have always wanted to..i like warm weather..i love swimming and..well even though im allgeric to most of whats out their i'll make sure to take my medicine!! lol ya i barly remember to take my vitmns * i have low iron sugar and everything else* im also low on sun...i have pale skin..i like it thoug!! i like being this way!! well ya i dyed my hair..its weird i was supposed to be black but turned out purple then turn my hair dark orginal brown *meaning its the same as i was born with, well thats a lie i was born with strawberry blonde but you get the point* but ya their is only purple well a little bit of it on my tips of my hair mostly on my bangs. but it shines a cool blueish, red color!! and well i love it!!! my friends noticed it besides one she was like "its the same color as before!" right my hair was light!! but ya i guess this is all i have my life isnt too exicting!! trust me you'd rather die then live my life. but i like mine fine..just sometimes it gets to BORING!!!
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Friday, April 29, 2005

ya sorry...i've been to lazy and busy i wish i could make more posts but time calles and i have none to offer...to my self...but school has killed me..projects and tons of them..well atleast only two months left and IM OUT OF HERE!! well i have to go back next year..but hey im almost out!! Im so happy!! i have made new friends this year which ROCKS!! i have lost a few but gain more then before!! their all like me. my other friends were less like me which kind of got in the way..but lately life has went up side down.my one friend was attacked by another girl..well she school is sueing the the girll who attacked my friend...she looks pretty bad *her teeth went throu her lip* so she has stitches and a black eye...so everyone is spreedig rumors..and that is what started the fight rumors..then yesterday Deannas chimney was on fire..due to Jessy he threw a bunch of carbord into the fire place when De Des mom told him to only but small pieces in..well then today are school was on major lock down due to stupid threats about a HUGE fight..and if you were on one side you wore a white t..and on the other black..so all day i was seeing white tees and black..which didnt help.i wore my bleeding super man shirt..well nothing happend just go nasty looks by the people in the white tee's...well ya so far thats it..and well i lied we had a Power Point due and our disk doesn't work..so were have to presant monday!! *we were all happy too* well my group!! it was so awesome! so now presentaing..!! so ya and i think im going to be grouned..i called Chad in Cali..and i live in Michigan..and we don't have free long distance..well we have a special one..so 5 to 10 cents per minute..so about 2 and a half hours..so were saying 18.00 aleast but hey it was worth it!! well ya..so i guess NOW that its! i have nothing to say.at least not anymore that is..next week i might have more......
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