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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Welcome to this one's small cabin near the remains of the Sixt Gate Shrine in the mountains of Kyoto Japan. Of course the Six Gate Shrine burned after the assult of Shishio Makoto! Luckily this one's elder brother Kenshin was there to save Japane from his beleifs of "The weak die and the strong live, thus the weak become food for the strong." Such nasty ideals... Now his soul rests in the belly of Leviyathen, the montser of the 7th gate of Limbo, "He who is looked upon by no one but his summoner".

Here she makes a living by visiting the under laying villages that are not supported by the ever fetil Meji Government as of yet. So in hopes of forming a better country, this one travels to the villages to cure the sick and heal the wounded for she is a Preistess of Purity. Have a look around her home, and feel free to read the newsletter! It's full of fun things.

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Update: 12/18/07

These past few days have been rather fun, cept one tiny issue that remains number one.

3-4 days ago the first one passed away,

and now I come home to find a death toll of 3.
1 lay alone, her eyes closed in slumber, as if she was awaiting her mother.
The other two I saw asleep in death in the back, laying atop of each other as if in eturnal dream land..
the 5th and final whelping seems to have gone a stray, but maybe he is safe in dreamland...for ever unto thee...

4/5 pups are dead from Polly's litter. The 5th one is missing


Come home:

So..yeah...not really in the mood for much else.


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