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Monday, February 18, 2008

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Welcome to this one's small cabin near the remains of the Sixt Gate Shrine in the mountains of Kyoto Japan. Of course the Six Gate Shrine burned after the assult of Shishio Makoto! Luckily this one's elder brother Kenshin was there to save Japane from his beleifs of "The weak die and the strong live, thus the weak become food for the strong." Such nasty ideals... Now his soul rests in the belly of Leviyathen, the montser of the 7th gate of Limbo, "He who is looked upon by no one but his summoner".

Here she makes a living by visiting the under laying villages that are not supported by the ever fetil Meji Government as of yet. So in hopes of forming a better country, this one travels to the villages to cure the sick and heal the wounded for she is a Preistess of Purity. Have a look around her home, and feel free to read the newsletter! It's full of fun things.

Find out more about the characters of Rurouni Kenshin:

Update: 02/18/08

Well its been a crazy past couple of weeks, for real.

This one has final exams next week (Luckily only two because the 3rd one is a writing assignment due this week.

Sorry for taking so long to update, heh, she got caught up in other things for right now, but she'll try to work hard to keep you updated!

Last week this one had three days off of college x.x

The first two: Tuesday we where snowed in, we didn't even atempt to escape that hill we live on xD

Wensday: We almost died trying to get to class x.x Slid backwards on a hill towards the guard rale

Thursday: Jury Duty Selection

They called this one's number in right? 1-73, this one is number 5 for court room one.

So, they start seating Jurers and....they didn't call this one. So she had to sit there for nothing. Missed a day of classes for that crap ><

For those of you whom don't know: Jury Duty is mandatory for Reged Voters. If you do not show up for Jury Duty you can be punished by law.

It. Sucks. Eggs.



Thanks to Rurouni Kikyo this one has a beginning banner for al lthe main chars of RK (Rurouni Kenshin) for those whom don't know who they are, they can finally read up on them with ease ;D


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