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Hiya I'm Jacobi Marshell
I'm an awesome Skater/Anime Lover
Spider Pig Spider Pig
Does Whatever A Spider Pig Does
Can He Swing From A Web
No He Can't He's a Pig
Look Out He is a Spider Pig
Now I, Renrounialchemist, Will show Everyone I Have Cojones Grandes!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

This Is My First Post. So It Might Not Be Very Exciting. So Today I Am At Home, Nothing To Do And Some Knocks On The Door...No One Is There. I Set Up An AMBUSH-- Funny Stuff. So I Started Playing The Movie Everybody Likes "The Simpsons Movie" YAY!! So The Kid Loves The Simpsons So Much He So Much He Tries To Break Inside Our House. So Catch I Him And Beat Him----
In BlackJack.

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