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Thursday, September 22, 2005

   nothing really in mind...
I have nothing in mind today..
well.. I fall on the mod phile and it was kind of fun.. ><
not to be weird but was... my friends were laughing! but didn't mind... also one of my friend is being soo mean to me! 0o0! because she is like begging about things but when other person begs her she is like NO! >< meanie!
also I asked her to use her cell phone but then she is like u have 10 sec... o0o what is up with that! I donno but she has problems... also she likes this guy and I call him ducky! >< so hiz my friend... and he really really really hates those kind of girls... I was like yes! anywayz... like us talk about me! weee! okay! maybe u all know about my best guy friend... I post it last time... well, I have a problem with him.. -_- because I am you know like joking with him, all his friend thinks I am going out with him! ahhh!! anywayz... I don't really mind if people think that way and his hates my type of a girl anywayz... >< haha!
anime/ manga quote of the day!
"Today was a wonderful day, but tomorrow will be even better, right Hamtaro?"
where is this quote from?
I gave you an easy one!

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