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..."We don't go to hell, we are already there" ~Chorline

Chorline, My best friend ever. Cheer for you, my friend.

Heres a Banner that Lingo made for me ^^ Thanks, friend!

You're a very angry, hateful person, not to mention
mean. You hate the world and everything and
one in it, and you don't care who knows it.
You just don't like anybody, no one tries to be
your friend because you scare them off. First
of all calm down, not everyone is out to get
you. Second try being nicer, it wont kill you,
although from what it looks like maybe it will.
Try not to immediately put people down, and
maybe someone will actually like you. Check
out my new short story.

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Monday, October 31, 2005


I only came to say Happy Halloween....

Ttyl again

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