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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   New Tim Burton film
who wants to see that new movie by Tim Burton (The corps bride)I do I want to see it so bad everytime the comercial comes on I run to the livingroom. Well I know its gonna be good pluss Jhonny Depp is one of the voices.
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Friday, August 12, 2005

   one of my favorite poems by Tim Burton
Vincent Maloy is seven years old hes always polite and dose what hes told. For a boy his age hes considerate and nice but he wants to be just like Vincent Price.
He dosent mind living with his sister,dog and cats though hed rather share a home with spiders and bats.There he can reflect on the horrors hes invented and wonder dark hallways alone and tormented. Vincent is nice when his Aunt comes to see him but imagines dipping her in wax for his wax museum. He likes to experiment on his dog Ambercrombi in hopes of creating a horrible zombie so he and hes horrible zombie dog can go searching for victoms in the lutenet fog. HHes thoughts arent only of gulish prime he likes to read and paint to pass some of the time. While other kids like to read books like "Go Jane Go" Vincents favorite author is Edgar Allen Poe
one night while reading a grusome tail he read a passage that made him turn pale such horrible news he could not survive for his beutiful wife had been burried alive. He dug out her grave to make sure she was dead onaware that her grave was his mothers flower bed. His mother sent vincent to his room he knew hed been banished to the tower of doom where he was sent to spend the rest of his life alone with the portrait of his beutiful wife.
All alone and insane incased in his doom vincents mother burst suddenly into his room. She said if you want to you can go out and play its sunny outside and a beutiful day. Vincent tried to talk but he just couldnt speak the years of Icolation had made him grow quite weak. So he took out some paper and scrowled with a pen I am pozessed by this house and can never leave it again. His mother said you are not pozessed and you are not almost dead these games that you play are all in your head your not Vincent Price your Vincent Maloy your not insane or tormented your just a young boy your seven years old and you are my son now I want you to get out side and have some real fun. Her anger now spent she walked out throught the hall while Vincent backed slowly against the wall the room started to sway to shiver and creak hes horried insanity had reached its peak. He saw Ambercrombi hes zombie slave and heard his wife call from beyond the grave she spoke through her coffin and made gulish demands while through cracking walls reached skeloten hands every horror in his life that haunted his dreams swept his mad laughter to terrified screams to escape the madness he reached for the door but fell limp and lifeless down onthe floor his voice was soft and very slow as he quoted TheRaven from Edgar Allen Poe "And my soul from out thou shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted.....
Never more"

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   Strange and freaky
I just discovered somtheing by my pinky toe theres like a bone or something poping out and its weird and its freakin me out alright that is all bye (Freaky!!!!)
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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

This weekend I went camping in michigan it was fun except for the tent part it hurt my back. anyways we went swiming and I got sun burned and it realy hurts. I hope it goes away soon because I do not like being red.
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Thursday, July 28, 2005

   my B day
Im not very tiered so im gonna write how my b-day went it was good I got some cool stuff from my freind Dojima(nick name) shes so nice and I got clothes which I would have prefered money instead and I got a gift card to one of my fav stores too cool its a Hello kitty store I got from my sister. and I hanged out at dojimas house untill It was time to go out to eat we went to a sushi resturant it was cool but I didnt realy like the food I orderd ok well thats about it I dont want to go on braggin so bye.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Yeah tomarow is my birthday Ill be 16 im so happy. oh yeah there might not be any pics up for a while because I cant think of anything to draw but dont worry im sure ill think of something.
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

   Something new
My summer is so boring that I taught my self how to play A song from nightmare before christmas on the guitar. and my birth day is in a week Yeah!!
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Friday, July 8, 2005

is anyone gonna go to the movies?
I want to go I wanna see fantastic four and Charlie and the Chocolate factory it looks realy cool I mean its Tim Burton so u know its gonna be good.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   4th of July
So how was every ones 4th of July?
well mine was ok we forget to get firecrackers which was kinda a bummer but we did see the fireworks we went to yorkville to see them it was ok.

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Yesterday I went to a concert at the taste of chicago I was so bored I dident even know who was playing and Ive never seen so many drunk people in my life that was kinda funny and gross.
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