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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   Im sick of art theivs!!
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Im so sick and tired of people stealing my art...and even stuff I know isent there's... thanx to a good freind on theotaku I found out that some little punk has been steeling my art and other art trying to pass it off as there own.... there name is "Lilpap4421 from Testrific.com http://www.testriffic.com/user/lilpapa4421

it makes me so sick they took some of my best work...and jacked some of it up by putting some sparkle crap on it....AH I just wish I could see this person face to face and tell them off making a fool of them in real life would be so sweet lol .... you dont have to do anything ...like go to this person site and tell them off.... but it would be nice to have some suport ^_^

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Monday, October 1, 2007

   im back..supid AT&T
i dont know if any one noticed but I was like gone for a week or so...cause first my mom hadnt paid the at&t people...but we did and the internet still wasent back on so we had to call again and see wht the deal was...there slow thats what it was lol... any who im back now and I have a lot of "Memories" pages to put up ^_^
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   Star wars Nerds

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   Baby Sazume?
Hey evryone...theres this thing that some of you want to know and that I want to know to....if youve been following my story "Memories: and some of my art about it...you might know that I have this thing where sesshy and Yume have a baby...her name is Sazume...A lot of you want to know if Im going to make yume preggnant in the manga....do you think I should?
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Monday, September 10, 2007

   awesomness song!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SYNgates6661 told me about this guy at first I was like WTF HardGay? I dont wanna see no broke back mountin sh*@$ ...but I took a risk and it is soooo freakin hilarious

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   A short Memories story
this story was created by sithhunter on DA...it was made for my newest pic "A kiss to heal" with Yume and sesshy
Yume sat up suddenly as she felt a sharp pain on her leg...surprising considering it was just a small bug. The young woman reached down and slapped the bug..but then immeiditly regreted the action because it only gave her leg more of a sting. Yume stood up on the hard wooden oak floor...they had stayed at an inn for the night..only for the fact that rin had a terrible fever. When they got to the inn it had taken hours to get rin's fever down..and when it finnaly dropped it was sundown..when they had arrived at the inn around mid-afternoon.

Yume cracked her neck and opened the sliding door that allowed her a full veiw of the moon as it lifted itself above the hills...after rin's fever had gone down sesshomaru told yume to try and sleep...wich was much easier now considering her nightmare's had finnaly stopped...and everyone in the inn had left quite quickly when sesshomaru had arrived...it was as if they feared the demon lord would slay them on site...but yume knew sesshomaru wasent like that...he was kind and careing...well at times he was.

Yume scoffed as she saw her bloodied bandage at her feet...that had been around her stomach a few moments ago. Yume took her shirt off...not really thinking if anyone was looking and leaned down to grab the cloth..and soon collapsed on the wooden floor in pain...it had been a whole month and the wound still would not heal.

When yume looked back up she saw sesshomaru..not five feet from her...also quite topless...witch in that moment yume realized she had no shirt on..she would have blushed if she had not been is such pain..b-but where was sesshomaru's shirt? It wasent like him to walk around without it...then yume rememberd that sesshomaru had taken it off and laid it on top of rin as a blanket.

"Naraku dident let you off easely." Sesshomaru stated as he neared yume...what was he thinking? Yume almost panicked when sesshomaru reached to her...but he only picked up the bandage and whispered "Hold still." Sesshomaru began to wrap the bandage around her wound and worked quite quickly considering he had only one arm...yume was left in quite an embarrasing postion..not only was she half naked..but sesshomaru dident even seem bothered by it...and yume couldent stop stealing glances at the demon lord's well muscled chest.

Sesshomaru laid a hand on her stomach when he finished the bandage and closed his eyes...as a yellow energy coursed through his shoulder to his hand then onto yume's wound...yume gasped as she felt sometihng strange happen..the wound's...pain..it seemed to almost vanish. "Its a demon magic." Sesshomaru said as he removed his hand "My father tought it to me..your wound is healed..but it would be wise to keep the bandage on." Sesshomaru looked into yume's eyes..yume wanted to do so much to repay what sesshomaru had done for her...but all she could do was gaze back into his eyes.

The tensaiga healed your wounds...but not your heart..."sesshomaru said as he leaned closer "a sword cannot heal that...but i can..." Yume wrapped her arms around sesshomaru and lead him closer...Yume closed her eyes as her's and the demon lord's lips touched...so softly..so sweetly...yume wraped her arm's around sesshomaru and pulled him in closer...deepening the kiss...sesshomaru gladly obliged...takeing in her sweet scent..this woman who seemed so familar to him...this woman who he was strangly attracted to...this woman..was finnaly his...if only for tonight....

A few hours later...
Rin opened her eyes and slowly sat up and rubbed her little eyes...where was lord sesshomaru? Rin stood up..still a little wobblely on her legs she walked over to a sleeping jaken who was comfortably snoreing in the corner...sesshomaru must have left jaken to watch rin while she slept....thats her sesshomaru, allways looking out for her. Rin quietly walked over to the door that led to yume's room and slid the door open just a little bit so she could see into the room.

"What is it rin?" A sleepy jaken said as he yawned...he was awakened by rin's walking around. Rin slid the door shut again and turned to jaken with one of her secret smile's on her face. "Sshhh master jaken! Yume and lord sesshomaru are sleeping." Jaken's eyes bugged from his head and he said in a quite serious tone "I think the neither world just froze over..."

Part 2

A kiss to heal part two

Yume opened her eyes and rolled over on her back....she felt so comfortable..so...wait a second! Yume sat up suddenly...why was she naked!?...and more importantly why was sesshomaru naked and laying beside her?...the answers from last night slowly faded into exsistance as she remembered what had happened....yume looked down at her stomach and saw the wound completly gone...that's right sesshomaru healed her last night....before they...

Yume sat back down and laid down on her bellie...but lord sesshomaru's fur seemed to cover the entire floor...not that yume was complaining..it was soft and comfortable..no wonder sesshomaru kept it with him. Yume turned her attention to the sleeping sesshomaru...this was the first time she had seen sesshomaru so peacefull...so at ease..

The demon lord opened his eyes to see yume laying against him with her back to him....sessomaru wrapped his TWO arms around yume and closed his eyes...before he fell asleep he could swear he heard yume purr...

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I got tagged by Teapot Domescam..
The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a message telling them they're tagged

8 random reenifacts
1) Im left handed
2) I like to eat relish wth sourcream and onion chips
3) I hate when people critisize my work when there own stuff sux
4)for some reason im atrracted to goth boys...still luv other types though
5)me and my cuz used to play with barbies and use to make them have affairs and get it on
6)I luv flip flops if I could Id where them all year round.
7)Channing Tatum is my secret lover ^_~ so secret he dosen even know
8)I can sing the Pocahantes song"Colors of the wind" like a pro...or so they tell me...one reason why when i become an animator I want to be a voice actress and sing the songs frot the openings and endings

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Monday, August 27, 2007

   Memories live action movie
ok so If I could ever make "Memories into a live action movie...here's who would be in it

Channing Tatum (so hot!) would be Sesshomaru Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Jessica Alba would be Yume Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

   my fav song of the moment

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