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Listen I may not have a fancy guy with a fancy site, but didnt your mother ever teach you how looks dont matter? Why dont you read on before you skip to the next Myo user.
Please sign my guestbook and feel free to add me as a friend, Ill always comment back and Ill usually add you too.
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My site has alittle info on Dark and lots of his pictures which I am accepting people to send to me to put up there, just ask me to join alright? Ill have to wait awhile and then Ill be able to have a guestbook on my site too.
I am a member of Deviantart.com under the same sn as this one so look me up if youre a deviant as well X3

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Typing as Im tired
Oh man, I can usually stay up but Im just pooped right now, cant stay awake. Oh yeah I was hoping to have new fan art since summer started, Fan Arts during the summer: 0 hehe, oopsie. You might see fan art when my school starts, because school is easy and boring so thats when Ill draw my art. jgdsfjhanoafk, oh sorry fell asleep on the keyboard... ok I didnt fall asleep on it ^^;. Oh yeah we bought soda today, Dr. Pepper, which is king of soda :p.
Soda cans drunk today= 5
Alittle short of what Im uset to drinking, I forgot what, but soda is supposedly bad for something in your body if you drink too much... oh well.
Now Im off to comment on everyone that has posted by now

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Friday, August 19, 2005

New look again
Hey everyone, notice the new background? Yes I know I didnt have that other DN Angel bg for long, but I saw this one and had to have it on my site XD. Not much happened today and Im wondering if some people already are going to school, mine hasnt started yet though. I recently read a book called" 100 people who are screwing up America" Its really good I only got to 75 though (it goes from 100 down) I recommend it to everyone. I had Sonic, which is a fast food place, this morning and it was yummy, I love chicken alittle too much. I also got 7 free slushee coupons since they took so long to take an order. I really need to start drawing fan art again XD.
Alright thats all for now, Im being forced off the computer T.T

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