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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

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Result Posted on 08/15/08:

What will happen on your sleepover with Fall out boy and Panic! at the disco? by kaz
Fave colour
When you get there, BrendonMakes out with you and whispers 'Your tounge...TICKLES!'
When you get there, RyanSlaps your arse
When you get there, SpencerKisses you
When you get there, JonHugs you
When you get there, PeteSnogs you
When you get there, PatrickHugs you
When you get there, JoePinches Petes ass
When you get there, AndySmiles
You eatPizza
Then youShower
Afterwards youKiss
You sleep withPete
InHis parents bed
Durring the night, youCuddle up
He saysI love you
You sayI love you
Do you orgasimYes
In the morning, BrendonCuddles you
In the morning, RyanCuddles you
In the morning, SpencerSmiles
In the morning, JonTickles you
In the morning, PeteMakes out with you
In the morning, PatrickIs eating breakfast
In the morning, Joehugs you
In the morning, AndyHugs you
You take a pregnacy test and it saysPositive
Brendon's face after you told him
Ryan's face after you told him
Pete's face after you told him

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Result Posted on 07/30/08:

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