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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh how it's been so long
Ah apparently you can't change backgrounds anymore on myo? Has Adam all but abandoned this place? I don't know but I'm stuck with this lucky charms like background now. At least Jon is here.

Well, Jenny suggested I post again maybe and I figured what the hell why not? Lord knows this will be the only place I can say something without getting in trouble.

And that means Jenny and I are officially friends again. I don't know how many people care but I hope it makes you happy (Megan, Belinda, Krissy) as it's made me. Feels like old times, yes?

I don't know what to say here um.

I'm in school.

I had a sexual revelation and that truly is the biggest secret. I think I'm in love with a girl. Lies, I don't think, I do know I love her but I don't know what that kind of love means.

Her name is Maureen and she is both the best and worst thing that happened to me. It's too much and too heavy and the way I feel about her changes depending on the weather and the time of day.

I don't know. Don't hold me to that. I've never felt so strongly about another girl before. And it scares me, and I don't want people's opinions of me to change but eh. I've already told my brother and Taylor and my other friends and Maureen knows so. Just my family and I'd only ever tell them if she'd be with me so.

We have a lot of problems. This is getting deep.

I like school and I feel much more settled.

I go to a lot of shows.

I still write a lot.

I've met a lot of people.

I want to go to Chicago.

Maybe I'll post again.

I know this was weird.

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