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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry, I haven't been around. I've kinda become totally addicted to Twitter. You guys should all get them and I promise I'll follow you. <3


The url if you do happen to have one.

My ear is messed up again, its all closed off and swollen and it hurts :/ I have a doctor's appointment Monday for it but I really don't think he'll do much.

Our cat had kittens, five of them and one died but the others are alive and nearly three weeks old and super adorable. Brendon and Ryan are probably my favorite ones, they're so cute.

Halloween is coming up. Are you guys dressing up? Or getting candy? I don't know if I'll do anything.

I'm gearing up to sign up for college again soon and go back for a second semester.

I got my hair cut and it's really cute and I'd show you except my stupid photobucket is acting up.

Ohh, I did change my site layout out a bit. I updated the pic of Jon in my header because I like that pic of him and my dear friend Mo printscreened a better version of him talking to me (which is still ftw)

So, I'll try to post more often and comment and everything and I love you guys still!



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